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Welcome to Falconer's Library!

I teach reading intervention classes at a middle school in a small town in Oregon, and live in a suburb of Portland.  I have two delightful and infuriating kids, an outstanding husband, and a serious reading addiction.  Also a fairly significant chocolate problem.  Plus, I drink too much coffee.  All in all, it's a good thing I've never tried heroin.

One of my favorite things to do as a teacher is to find a book that will grab the attention and enthusiasm of a student who claims not to read. Another of my favorite things to do is to declare a "reading day" and ignore my students while I race through a gripping mystery, swooping fantasy, or eye-opening realistic novel.

Just kidding.

Sort of.
The blog title comes from my maiden name, and the 11 year old deeply focused on her book on the cover page is, yes, me.  I started this blog because all of my comments on other reading/teaching blogs were super long.  Clearly I have a lot to say about YA literature.  Since starting the blog in June, 2015, I've been rejuvenated as a reader, writer, and teacher.  

Find me on Pinterest, on Goodreads, on Twitter, or wandering the stacks of the local library.

The Fine Print
Most photos on this site were taken by my father, the late David Falconer.  Book cover images are from Goodreads, and titles link to Goodreads as well.  I will also use other images in the public domain.  If you feel that I have used an image without proper credit or permission, please inform me, and I will either clarify the issue or take down the image.

All content and opinions are my own.  I am in no way, shape, or form rewarded or coerced into any of it.  

I eagerly seek comments  Please remember that people on the internet are real people, and be civil.   Dissent is expected, since no two people love (and hate) all the same books, but rudeness will be deleted.


  1. That picture is great. I have been on a YA kick lately. Now I know where to go for new book ideas.

  2. I adore YA books. Glad I found your blog. *clinks coffee cup*

  3. I was just thinking this evening that I miss YA books. I used to read a lot of them for fun, and don't bump into them much any more. I can look on your blog for new discoveries! I'm glad we accidentally bumped into each other again through the Slice of Life challenge, Wendy.

  4. I really, really love it that this is a picture of you as a child. So wonderful.

    I wonder how many of us are lucky enough to have photos of ourselves reading as children.


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