Saturday, October 30, 2021

October in Review


featuring a number of Halloween jokes, art, and tweets I've found

My Reading

# of books read: 7
Bests: In which I tell you all my favorite reads and make up categories so they each win something:

Best audiobook + best turns of phrase: Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater
Best sequel with foxes: Scary Stories for Young Foxes: The City by Christian Heidicker
Best very quiet vampire book: All These Bodies by Kendare Blake
Best job forcing me to live up to the title: Crying Laughing by Lance Rubin
Best book I put off reading for way too long and am so glad I finally read: Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Bookish Events and Happenings

I had my first meeting of our school's Oregon Battle of the Books club, then we had to cancel the next two meetings. It seemed like a very enthusiastic group of readers though, and it's a nice sized group too, so I'm optimistic. I also won an ARC of Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World, got $50 credit at First Book for signing up for an author's newsletter, and got sent a box of books off my wish list, all of which is a boon to my classroom library and thus to my students. 

Also, Jordan Sonnenblick responded to one of my tweets. Given that usually nobody responds to any of my tweets, much less authors I admire, this was kind of exciting.

On the Blog

I started writing on my blog again! Just TTT posts for now, but it's a start. 


  • My kid went to homecoming with a bunch of friends. We are such different people, and I may or may not survive being the parent of a social butterfly.

  • I made green tomato chocolate cupcakes. They were delish. The tomato is really just a way to use unripe produce and adds moisture, not flavor. 

  • My husband and I went out for Thai food with a couple he's known since freshman year in college, and then we played a new-to-us board game (Splendor) at their house. It all felt very pre-2020. 

  • I got my booster shot and my flu shot. 

  • On Friday my co-worker who teaches in the next room over and I showed up in these outfits. Neither of us even knew the other was going to dress up.

Also, check out this amazing BookFace photo one of my students took while dressed as Rosie the Riveter.

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  1. I definitely did some crying laughing as I read the Rubin book. How fun Sonnenblick replied to your tweet. I guess I am famous adjacent now because I am reading this 😂. Love book face photos and that one is fantastic!

  2. I love your best lists. That BookFace pic is so cool - I didn't know that was a thing. Check out what I read at Girl Who Reads.

  3. I hope your daughter had fun at Homecoming. Parenting a teen is so amazingly wonderful and terrifying at the same time. Battle of the Books sounds like so much fun!

  4. That BookFace picture is amazing! Parenting a teen who is also a social butterfly when you are not can be a little intimidating.

    Have a great November!

  5. Awww your daughter is so beautiful! I hope she had an amazing time! Love the witch costumes too! And the bookface photo is incredible!! I got my booster and flu shot too, glad we are both protected! And congrats on the big wins, that is awesome!!

  6. I loved the bookface photo too. I'm glad you received your shots--I also got my flu shot and a booster in October. Still wearing my mask indoors when shopping and avoiding crowds. You read some amazing books--all of which I really want to read too.


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