Monday, September 20, 2021

TTT: Fall Reading List


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The topic this week is: Books on my fall to-read list.

As I've said often enough, while I have a thousand book TBR, I don't really read based on any set order. 100% mood reader, baby. So instead, I'll give you the ten books I've most recently added to my TBR. Again, adding a book to my TBR does not mean I'll ever get to it, and I also don't mean to say that these ten are highest on my wish list. It's just--ten books about which I've recently thought, hey, I should remember that I might want to read that, and then added them to my list.

Some are sequels to books I loved, some have great covers and synopses, some are by writers I like, and some I've already forgotten about, which is the entire reason why I have a TBR in the first place. Anything on here that you're interested in?


  1. The Box in the Woods was excellent, and that's saying a lot for how salty I was about certain things in book 3. I hope Johnson does more Stevie mysteries like this, standalone.


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