Tuesday, April 21, 2020

TTT: Titles That Rock

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The topic this week is: Titles That Would Make Good Band Names 

  1. The Hand on the Wall
  2. The Queen of Nothing
  3. Thunderhead
  4. The Bone Houses
  5. Pet
  6. Kiss Number Eight
  7. Wilder Girls
  8. One Word Kill
  9. Once and Future
  10. Courting Darkness
I generated this list by the highly scientific method of scrolling through my Goodreads "read" shelf and picking out whatever jumped out at me. Fantasy titles make good band names, I think.


  1. I love Once and Future! If someone hasn't used that one, I might have to (whenever I start that band I keep dreaming about ;)).

  2. I've been noticing that about the fantasy titles too. The lack of them on my shelves definitely didn't help with my struggle this week... Wilder Girls would be a fun one for an all-girl group.

  3. Wilder Girls would be such a great band name.

    My TTT .

  4. Courting Darkness is so cool. I envision an Ozzy or Marilyn Manson type lead, and something hard and heavy.

  5. Pet definitely sounds like a band name. I'd definitely listen to them and The Bone Houses.

  6. Oooh, the Queen of Nothing would be great for a female lead band! Wilder Girls sounds very '80s rock girl band to me, for some reason, but I like it. I think Courting Darkness is my favorite though! What can I say? I like me some dark band names.

    Here's my TTT post.

  7. Yes, fantasy titles make good band names. Agree.


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