Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday Post #47/Sunday Salon #21

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What I Read
I don't know what's going on with me right now. I have read two books--not this week, but this MONTH--and one of them was a novel in verse. Both books I started as audiobooks during my commute, and once I was into them, switched to ebooks, because that was the handiest format without having to wait. Who am I? What's happening?

At least both books were solid reads. Kwame Alexander's Swing took a MUCH darker turn than I expected. I've heard him say that when he met his wife in college, she wasn't interested, so he wrote her a love poem daily for a year, and now they've been married for decades. It sounds sweet when he says it like that, but it also sounds like someone not taking "no" for an answer, so when a character in the book takes a similar approach to wooing a girl who was his friend, I was sort of cringing. HOWEVER, -- sort of a spoiler here--while it works in the short term, in the long term she decides he's not the one, and he accepts that with good grace. In this case, it was more about him shooting his shot, as The Youth say, instead of always hiding how he felt.


The Hazel Wood is dark and creepy and  delicious. If I were a librarian in charge of displays, I'd add it to a "If you like V. E. Schwab..." display. I'll be looking for the next one soon. It was another book that subverted romantic expectations. I kind of loved that about it too.

The Hazel Wood (The Hazel Wood, #1)
I love this cover, but now that I've read the book, I REALLY appreciate it. 

What I'm Reading/What's Next
WHO EVEN KNOWS?!?!?  I don't think it's a slump so much as being distracted by internet and Netflix. The Winemaker and I watched The Stranger and continue to watch Schitt's Creek. He makes sad faces at me if I try to go read instead of hanging out with him in the evening.  We have also started daydreaming about Tiny Houses, and I guess we can say I have read after all, because I've been poring over a dozen books on the topic.

I have wrapped up the Cybils reading and the OBOB title selection reading, so I feel a sense of freedom. I may even read BOOKS WRITTEN FOR GROWN-UPS that aren't about tiny houses.

Three Things

  1. I already mentioned it, but CYBILS AWARDS ARE OUT. Also, I'm drinking a mocha and it seems to encourage me to use all caps. I really like Fireborne, the book we chose as the YA Spec Fic winner, though I argued for Internment for awhile too. And I'm super proud because Heroine, the book I nominated for YA contemporary, won. Ha! 
Fireborne (The Aurelian Cycle, #1) InternmentHeroine

2. I started a new semester at school with brand new students. My classes are tiny, because we just hired an additional math intervention teacher and pulled six classes of kids into math. Many of those kids would have had reading otherwise. I have mixed emotions about that. Reading is fundamental, to borrow a slogan, but the kids I do have are certainly going to benefit from the under 20 class sizes. 

3. The Winemaker and I had dinner at this noodle house last night while our kid was skating. It's not that different than Thai food, but the homemade noodles were really delicious. We rarely go out to eat, so even a casual restaurant was a nice treat for us. 

Image result for frank's noodle house portland


  1. Small classes are such a gift. I taught in a public high school and would have 30 kids in my chem class. I used to hope to get out lab alive. The kids you have a super lucky and I hope you have an amazing semester. I don't know, I prefer casual dining. Every once in a while, I like to feel fancy, but I never want to were dressy clothes and whatnot. Noodles are amazing too. I pretty much love all Asian cuisines, though I was spoiled with the non-Americanize stuff, when I used to eat with my daughter's grandparents.

  2. I have Heroine waiting on my shelves because I met the author at an event last year. Looks like I need to move it closer to the top!

  3. You make me curious about Hazel Wood. The cover is awesome.

  4. There is a fine line between persistence and stalking, I sort of feel he stepped way over it even if their was a happy ending but some women enjoy being chased I guess.

    Wishing you a great reading week I’ll be adding Heroine to my TBR.

  5. Okay, you are seriously in need of an intervention if you've only managed two books this month. Let's start by pulling the plug on the tv and handing the Winemaker a good book and a glass of wine, shall we? We can't let this sort of thing continue.

    I've gone through a bit of an obsession with tiny houses myself, researching them, reading about them, watching them on tv. I was quite taken with them, and then we stayed in an Airbnb tiny house in Austin during the book festival, and, bingo, cured. Before you get too carried away with them, imagine yourself sixty-three and having to climb down and back up a shaky ladder three times in a night to visit the bathroom.

    Enjoy the smaller classes. Teachers here only dream of such things.

  6. You sound like me! I used to read a ton, but in the last year+, I’ve struggled to read at all. There are too many distractions. I guess I should look into The Hazel Wood. I love VE Schwab.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  7. I've been wanting to read The Hazel Wood and Heroine and Internment for some time. I need to get on those! Don't beat yourself up on the reading. I feel like life goes through its natural ebbs and flows and reading will surely come back around. In the meantime, enjoy your Netflix and time with the hubs! It's all good!

  8. My husband is similar. In the evenings, he's like what do you want to do, watch tv, play a game, go to the gym, and I feel like I'm disappointing him if I say I want to read. And he's not a reader, so suggesting he pick up a book too would not be helpful.

  9. The Hazel Wood sounds really good! I'll have to add it to my list. We have a local noodle house - but I have yet to try it. I hope to visit soon!


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