Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday Post #40/Sunday Salon #14

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It's pouring down rain here. Summer ended very abruptly--we went from sunny and 80s to grey and rainy and never looked back. I keep telling myself it's good reading weather.

What I Read
I've wrapped up my re-read of the Three Dark Crown books so I could read the final book, Five Dark Fates.

Dark, indeed. Sheesh. I was reading about the mist (or The Mist) ripping bodies apart into shreds, then I had to drive to work in heavy fog, and I could not help being a little freaked out.

I also read Raina Telgemeier's newest graphic novel, Guts. I think it's a great book, and I'm glad she's going with memoir again after the something-of-a-debacle around Ghosts.

  Five ​Dark Fates (Three Dark Crowns, #4) Guts

Could there BE two more different covers?

What I'm Reading/What's Next
Well, I'm signed up to judge a few things in the next six months, and one of the panels is full of people who were HORRIFIED that I've never read Howl's Moving Castle (they were nice about it, but I could read their shock through the computer screen), so I guess that's top priority. I also want to crank through the newest graphic novel in the Sunny Side Up series and George Takei's graphic memoir before Tuesday, when I release them into the wild share them with my classroom.

Three Things

  1. I took a dozen girls to see April Henry and Carolyn O'Doherty at Powell's Books Tuesday evening. It was a lot of fun, of course, and it was interesting to witness the conversation between April, with 24+ books under her belt, and Carolyn, who's sophomore novel just came out.
  2. My sister got two kittens and a tattoo, so I went up to see her Friday evening and admired all three new additions. 
  3. I had so much fun doing book talks in class last week. One seventh grade boy exclaimed, eyes wide, "You make them ALL sound SO GOOD!" That's the goal, kid. 

Have a great week!


  1. I think I would be creeped out driving through the mist after reading about The Mist. Glad you weren't torn apart. 😂 What an awesome compliment to you from that seventh grade boy. It shows how genuine your love for those books are, because you know kids can smell a fraud from a mile away.

  2. “That’s the goal, kid.” You are so right. Ever thought about becoming a librarian?

    Five Dark Fates sounds like it’s not a book to read before a drive into a foggy night. I’ve heard good things about Guts. You had a solid reading week, I think.

    Hope this is a nice week for you.

  3. Guts is on my TBR but I gave my daughter the first go with the book. I'll read it once she's done. My weekly update

  4. I can't wait to read Five Dark Fates, I'm so curious to see how she wraps it all up. And yes that would be a little freaky driving through fog after the mist scenes lol.

  5. I’ve been meaning to watch The Mist on Netflix.
    Great job with inspiring kids to read!

    Have a great reading week

  6. I love kittens and I love George Takei's new memoir!

  7. I’m also slightly horrified that I’ve never read Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s a lot of people’s favorite children’s book, but it’s never really appealed to me. I’ll probably get to it someday.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  8. I haven't read Five Dark Fates yet, and it's totally stressing me out, but I promised myself I'd catch up on review books before I dive into it. Soon. Very soon. Oh, and I also haven't read Howl's Moving Castle. So I guess we can be horrible together (at least until you catch up with the rest of the world and I'm still left behind. LOL!).

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  9. sounds like you had a great week. you can send some of that rain my way. lol
    sherry @ fundinmental

  10. Aw sorry that it got yucky there- it's VERY hot here, almost 90, which is frankly absurd. I will gladly share. Also I am so curious to hear your thoughts about Five Dark Fates!! Also that is awesome that you had such a great time in class! That kid must have made your day!


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