Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Month of Wendy: Giveaway Number Four

It's finally my birthday! But the month is still going strong, so we'll be able to squeeze in another giveaway today, and a final grand prize next Wednesday.

Quick recap: Megan S. won the right to choose books for my classroom library, and Nicole of Feed Your Fiction Addiction won a donation for a local teacher who has a literacy project on Donors Choose. We're trying to help this 3rd grade teacher add more selections to her classroom book clubs, and honestly, if she doesn't get more support by August 8th, it's not going to happen. So feel free to head on over and donate to her yourself! Early Wednesday morning I'll pick a winner who'll get to pick books for our local Little Free Library. 

This week's winner will get $25 donated in their name to RAICES. I'm sure I don't have to explain why helping immigrant families and children at our southern border is important to me.  
  • Week five (July 31) one grand prize winner will receive EACH of these prizes spread out over the next year. So they'll choose another $25 worth of titles for my classroom, get $25 donated to a local Donors Choose project, pick $25 worth of titles for the Little Free Library, and have $25 donated to RAICES in their name. 
Further rules: You can only win once, but the grand prize drawing will combine everyone who enters it AND all previous entries. Also, I'll be sending you a small bookish token if you win--postcard, sticker, button, or bookmark.

AND if you choose to essentially match any of my giveaways yourself (e.g. you donate $25 of books to a Little Free Library, or to Donors Choose, or to RAICES), and send me proof of that before August 31st, my kid and I will make you a bookmark and sticker. I'd really love to see more support for the classroom project in Nicole's town! 

It feels silly to have to say this given the "prize" I'm giving, but please, no giveaway accounts.

Let's play!

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  1. What a great idea for a birthday giveaway!

  2. Sorry you didn't get a ton of participation on this one. I guess maybe people don't enter giveaways to have you donate because they figure you'll do it whether they win or not? Still, I think it was a great way to celebrate your birthday with the spirit of giving!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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