Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Month of Wendy: Giveaway #3

IKEA just started carrying my all time favorite candy, so when I had to go to the airport anyway, I stocked up for my birthday party!
The birthday month shenanigans continue! To quickly review:

 I decided that instead of a traditional giveaway, I'm going to give you some control over various types of contributions I'd like to make. Megan S. won the right to choose books for my classroom library, and she made great choices: Let's Talk About Love, Warcross, I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, Dread Nation, The Poet X, and Genesis Begins Again. After much wading through of giveaway accounts (really Ukrainian guy? You want me to donate to a Donors Choose project in your neighborhood?!?), Nicole of Feed Your Fiction Addiction won a donation for a local teacher who has a literacy project on Donors Choose, and I can't wait to see who we fund!

This week's contest winner is going to dictate some books I can stack into the local Little Free Library. I live in a weird suburban area, where there are literally million dollar homes a few streets over, and there are shabby apartment buildings a few streets the other direction from us. Local schools get Title 1 funding due to high numbers of students in poverty, but with Nike and Intel as the local mega-employers, plenty of families are doing quite well. My point is, I'm not going to put these books into a LFL in a cute little neighborhood of Craftsman style homes with three car garages, but one that's in the parking lot of a huge apartment complex. As the winner, you get to send me a list of some of your favorites for a range of ages, from picture books through MG and YA titles to adult books. I will scour sales and get as many of them as I can for about $25, and we will share them with the community.
  • Week four (July 24th) I will donate $25 in the winner's name to RAICES
  • Week five (July 31) one grand prize winner will receive EACH of these prizes spread out over the next year. So they'll choose another $25 worth of titles for my classroom, get $25 donated to a local Donors Choose project, pick $25 worth of titles for the Little Free Library, and have $25 donated to RAICES in their name. 
Further rules: You can only win once, but the grand prize drawing will combine everyone who enters it AND all previous entries. Also, I'll be sending you a small bookish token if you win--postcard, sticker, button, or bookmark.

AND if you choose to essentially match any of my giveaways yourself (e.g. you donate $25 of books to a Little Free Library, or to Donors Choose, or to RAICES), and send me proof of that before August 31st, my kid and I will make you a bookmark and sticker. 

Without further ado, here's this week's rafflecopter. May the odds be ever in your favor.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love that you are doing so much good with your birthday celebrations!

  2. Little Free Libraries are not only fun, but amazing places to share books. I always add to them and seek them out when I travel. Thanks for supporting so many excellent causes for your celebration. If I won, I think a pin would be fun.


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