Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Fifty Years in Pictures: Parts 5a and 5b/ 5

Wendy in her Thirties: Love, Travel, and Hiking

We got married in my parents' living room.

The best part of this picture is my death grip on the last bite of mom's homemade breadstick.

Meeting up with my best Latvian friend for the first time in almost a decade.

On an evening Salsa cruise, because we were two dancing single women who weren't asleep by nine.

This was my very first Facebook profile pic. Still love it.

Driving the short bus to take my school's hiking club on an adventure.

Oh y'know, just snowshoeing halfway up the mountain for fun. What are YOU doing today?

Wendy in her Forties: Motherhood and Exhaustion

My dad in his 80s.

Twin Day--I matched my coffee cup

Rallying for school safety

Presenting with the BookLove group at NCTE

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