Sunday, July 21, 2019

Fifty Years in PIctures: Part 3/5

Wendy: The Awkward Years
Middle and High School 
Don't say I didn't warn you.

This picture of me in my dad's parka holding our puppy got sold as Alaska travel promo, despite a) it being shot in our backyard and b) my blue eyes. Question everything.
On a carriage ride in Vienna with my big sister.

What? Why? 

I love this because I'm wearing koala slippers. That's my mom's kiln behind us.

Learning to ski. 

On the summit of Mt. Hood with my dad, 1984.

Exploring the side of Mt. Hood, later that summer. Love my dad's B. Kliban "dad cat" shirt.

High school orchestra. Viola.

8th grade. Practicing at home.

Halfway up Hood with my bestie.

A nicer shot of me and mom that same time. This is why you should get closer to your subjects when taking pictures.


  1. I need some captions on a few of these. The last two are so lovely, but I also admire your steely focus with that violin


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