Sunday, June 9, 2019

May in Review

My Reading

# of books read: 15
Best(s):(In which I tell you all my favorite reads and make up categories so they each win something)

  • Best adult book set in my hometown and addressing its racist past (and thus, present): The Paragon Hotel
  • Best nonfiction graphic novel series starter written by a Civil Rights icon and current member of Congress: March, Book 1
  • Best narrative nonfiction about libraries: The Library Book
  • Best MG graphic novel about toxic friendships: Just Jaime
  • Best trilogy finale that rescued the series from a weak middle book: Someday
  • Best book in which the strikingly odd cover was a literal interpretation of an event in the book: 100 Sideways Miles

Bookish Events and Happenings

I participated in a challenge to read an entire series in May, and was pleased with my results--I re-read the first book in two trilogies and then actually went on to finish them! David Levithan's Someday and John Lewis's March trilogies were obviously very different, but I liked them both. Well, I liked five of the six books--Another Day not so much. 

I also had a lot of luck with book giveaways and donations. Paula Stoke sent me a box of a dozen books of hers, I won Christina June's giveaway of all three of her books, and I got an ARC of Donna Gephart's new book after she'd reached out to ask if I wanted her to give my name to her publisher as someone who'd be interested. All of these are going directly into my classroom, which makes me even more grateful to these authors.

The box I'm bringing home from my classroom library to {possibly} read this summer.
My Battle of the Books kids made a poster for us to put out for the year-end after-school-programs fair. I brought a bunch of Project LIT books and next year's OBOB books, as well as a cart full of donated/weeded books to give away. All in all, the book swap I put together ended up in over one full library cart of books being donated to students and families. (Now I just have to figure out what to do with the remaining 2/3 of a cart that didn't get any love.) 

On the Blog

I did really well for most of the month, posting 13 times. It's helped that I'm now spending Sundays at the library with my kid, and when that pattern gets interrupted, my blog goes silent. It's been a few weeks since we were able to do that, so today I brought MYSELF to the library. It's just easier to focus here.


Family archery class. We brought our niece once night too.

Doodling is fun.

Last Donut Friday of the year. All the summer birthdays got to choose their fancy donut.

Students started voting on their favorite books of the year.

I put together a bingo card for my own summer reading. (Today I finished my first square! An Ember in the Ashes is WONDERFUL.)

Stole this idea from teacher twitter. I didn't think it was worth the effort. Then my neighbor, a language arts teacher, had her students put together summer reading lists, and she said her classes all crowded around this and got lots of titles from it. 

And now we're well into June. I have either two more days of teaching, or jury duty. I have to call tonight to find out. I hope your month has started well and continues even better!

My monthly summaries are always linked to the Monthly Wrap-Up Round-Up on Feed Your Fiction Addiction, along with many other terrific blogs' monthly reflections.  Nicole usually puts together a fun scavenger hunt giveaway too, so go check it out!


  1. Wow! You were quite the winner this month. That's awesome, and so many good books, too! I love the archery pictures and still think that is such a fantastic family outing.

  2. I bet your books are pleased about the awards they received. Library Book...yes. March...yes. I think I'll look for Just Jaime. That cover. What kid hasn't felt left out? What adult?

    I hope lots of your fellow teachers are watching all the things you are doing in your classroom. I hope they are secretly stealing as many of your ideas as they can.

    Good luck with your bingo card. Lots of books on that card that I hope to hear more about.

  3. I love the cover of 100 Sideways Miles. I look at that book every time I go to the bookstore, but it sounds so weird that I’ve never bought it. Cool archery photo. I did archery a few times in Girl Scouts and had fun with it. I hope you have a great summer!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. I love your very creative awards categories. LOL! So excited that you got so many new books for your classroom too!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  5. I love your book bingo! There's some awesome titles on there!

  6. Bingo should be fun. I like the bulletin viard

  7. Ooh, congrats on the giveaways!! :)

  8. Nice prize from Paula Stokes! She is so generous and giving and sent me a copy of Girl Against the Universe a few years ago which turned out to be one of my favorite books ever.


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