Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday Post #31/Sunday Salon #4

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What I Read
I book?  This week? Which is weird? What the hell have I been doing????

When we did our weekly sharing of what we're reading, one girl was reading a book I hadn't heard of, and when I asked her about it she said it's about a girl who's brother murdered his friend, and the girl is into ice skating. This sounded possibly right up the alley of a certain ice skating thriller fan in my household, so I immediately tracked a copy down and read it yesterday. It was pretty good, although I didn't love the romance aspect, which was a major feature. 

Even if I Fall
Even If I Fall

What I'm Reading/What's Next
I read a few more stories in Black Enough. So far they've been really good. A bad thing about story collections and anthologies is that there are likely to be things I don't love as much, even if they are all objectively good. But the variety is also a good thing.

Honestly, who knows what I'm reading next? I haven't started any of the books I mentioned last week. But here's the stack I am checking out before I leave the library:

Three Things

  1. Image may contain: Wendy Falconer Gassaway, smiling, standing and outdoor
  2. Oregon teachers walked out on Wednesday as part of a call to action for our legislature. Funding is a mess here, and things I took for granted as a student, like reasonable class sizes, classes in arts and the trades, librarians, counselors, and nurses have been neglected for almost the whole time I've been teaching. 
  3. I had dinner with my (adult) niece Friday night. It was gorgeous out, and we ate on the patio. The rain is supposed to return this week, so I'm glad I took some advantage of our summer preview.

I hope I get more reading in this week! I did do some blogging ahead, which is almost unheard of, but hopefully that means I can find more reading time now. 


  1. I hope the legislature listens to you all. I can't imagine being a student in schools now.

    Love your library stack! I reeeeally need to read the new Tana French book but haven't got to it yet.

  2. I recognize a few of the books in your stack and the one that I've read, The Library Book, I highly recommend. It was my first book I read this year and it was great.

  3. As a teacher I feel for the Oregon teachers who walked out. I hope the situation gets better!

  4. I loved all of Johnson's books. They are right up my alley. I hope they get things worked with your funding.

  5. I hope the walk out has positive results. Sometimes you just have to draw attention to issues or they never get better, seems like...

    I always like it when someone gives me an idea for a book and I end up enjoying it.

  6. I'm really hoping to start getting some "blogging ahead" in myself - also unheard of!!

  7. Your library stack looks great!
    I hope the walk out has some good results.

  8. I've read (through) Cozy Minimalist Home (which I have and enjoy tweaking) and Circe. Circe is surrounded by a self-centered and cruel and vindictive group of creatures, the gods. Honestly, it often feels like our lives are guided by a group like this. These old myths are powerful.

    I hope your legislature supports the teachers. It is so important. It's the most important thing, really.

    And don't belittle a one-book week. It's okay. It's a good week if we get one good book (or even a pretty good book) read.

  9. I hope the walkout is successful. Good luck with getting through your library stack! I’ve seen positive reviews of some of those books. Have a great week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  10. I really hope you are able to effect change, education should always be a priority.

    Have a great reading week, you have lots to choose from in that library haul.

  11. Good luck trying to make change. I think its awesome you are trying.

  12. I hoe changes come soon. The government is too much about grabbing money for themselves and not about the people. Enjoy your reads!

    Anne - Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   


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