Sunday, May 5, 2019

Sunday Post #30/Sunday Salon #3

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What I Read

This Mortal Coil
Opposite of Always
Where the Crawdads Sing
Saving Red
Odd One Out
The Past and Other Things that Should Stay Buried

I wasn't blown away by anything this week. Some of it was my expectations not aligning with the actual book (Opposite of Always, Odd One Out, and Where the Crawdads Sing.) I liked This Mortal Coil a lot, but when I started the next book, I was like--nah, I'm good. Saving Red was really good. They were ALL good. Just not amazing, which is what I'd been on a streak of going into this week.

What I'm Reading/What's Next

I've started reading Donna Gephart's In Your Shoes. So far, so cute, although the parallels between that and her Lily & Dunkin are sort of weirding me out. New kid, old kid, unlikely friendship, family tragedies and all.  I'm just at the beginning though. Also, someone gets hit in the head by a flying shoe, which I think belongs always and forever to Louis Sachar and Holes.

Some books I hope to get to soon are Daughter of the Pirate King, March 1-3, and a re-read of Every Day leading into reading the sequels for the first time. Those last two are part of my attempt to finish a series (or two) in May.

Three Things

  • My kid and I took a hike today. It was lovely. I was slow, but I don't care. 

  • Now we're at the library. They are wrapping up their used book sale, and I just got 15 books for my classroom library for $40. 
  • We've been watching Money Heist on Netflix. It was fun for awhile, but the last two episodes were ridiculous. The dubbing SUUUUUUUCKS* and I am going to propose that if we keep watching, we just use subtitles.

*but not as bad as dubbing when I was in Latvia, which consisted of two (if you were lucky) bored people reading all the lines more or less in the same scene they were occurring, with the original still audible if you cranked up the volume enough. 


  1. Everyone I've spoken to about Crawdads has said the same thing about the book---good, but not awesome. That's disappointing. I had high hopes for it. Now I think I may pass.

    You did a great job at the library sale. People outside the world of schools really have no idea what teachers spend on their classrooms. It's madness. But somehow it's businesses who get the tax breaks. Oh well. Teachers get the love.

    Your hike looks fabulous. What a cool tree. I'd be tempted to climb it.

  2. Some of the dubbing on Netflix is awful, it’s painfully obvious they are speaking from a script and the voices don’t really match the character.
    I’m sure your class will appreciate your library haul

    Have a great reading week

  3. Looks like a neat area for a hike! :) And lol about the dubbing!

  4. I'll probably read Crawdads soon since it's a book club selection, but I prefer to avoid books with that much hype. The photos from your hike are beautiful!

  5. Your hike looks awesome. Everything there is so green! Everything here is still pretty dead. Have a great week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  6. Awww, your kid is so sweet to go out hiking with you. It looks beautiful where you were. Nice bargains at the library sale. I hope you will list your haul. I LOVED Opposite of Always. I am sad you didn't like it more. I liked Odd One Out. The one friend's POV was annoying, but I loved Jupiter and Coop. I thought Gephart's book was so sweet and adorable and cute. I hadn't read Lily and Dunkin, though.

  7. Hey, slow or not, a hike is a hike. And beautiful surroundings!

  8. Your comment on subtitles in Latvia made me laugh! Sounds like a great watching experience. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  9. Great to get outside. The weather looks as beautiful as it is here. It just rains here every weekend. lol Have a great weekend with some amazing reads!

    Anne - Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   


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