Saturday, May 25, 2019

May Challenge: Entire Series

The wonderfully titled "Because Reading is Better than Real Life" sponsored a challenge this month to finish an entire series. Part of it could be re-reads, but you had to read at least two new-to-you books of a three+ book series, and had to read at least 3 books total.

My first series I finished was Every Day. I'd read the first book years ago, and never got around to the rest. So I re-read the first book, and really enjoyed it. "A" wakes up in a new person's body each day, and does their best to live that person's life safely and without causing disruption. One day "A" wakes up in the body of a teenaged boy with a girlfriend, Rhiannon, who seems anxious to not anger him. "A" is intrigued by her and spends the day enjoying her company and acting like a guy who actually likes her. The next day, as always, A is in a new body, but can't forget Rhiannon. They come back to her over and over, gradually letting her in on their secret.

The next book told the exact same story from the girl's point of view. No change in time frame or anything. So there I was a day later, reading the same dialogue word for word. This was disappointing, but I kept going to book three, and that was a treat. It went on to new events (yay!) and also introduced some new points of view, including an evil entity that exists like "A" does, but that definitely does NOT take care to not disrupt their daily hosts' lives. The story bogged down a bit in the middle as A and Rhiannon spend too much time agonizing over what their relationship is and should be, and the conflict is resolved rather abruptly, but the ending is sweet and gives a satisfying sense of conclusion.

Since there was still time in the month, I went ahead and finished another series. I know that March, the graphic novel autobiography of Congressman John Lewis, is a modern classic, but when I read the first one a few years ago, I struggled with the small font. Now I have glasses, so I gave it another go. Like Every Day, I had to re-read the first book then read the next two in order to wind up the series. Framed with John Lewis attending Barack Obama's first inauguration, these books cover the bulk of the Civil Rights movement from the late 1950s through the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Lunchroom counter sit-ins, Freedom Riders in Mississippi, policy disagreements between the SLCC and SNC,  the bombing of the church in Birmingham, the March on Washington and the marches in Selma--all of it is laid out in a way that highlights the courage and insights of that generation of protesters. It also reminds me that our current administration does not occupy a unique place in our history--the powers of bigotry and hatred, of violence and fear have long lineage. 

I'm grateful to this challenge for giving me the impetus I needed to complete these two series. What series are lingering half-read on your shelves?

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  1. I loved Every Day, and really enjoyed Another Day, but DNFed the 3rd book. I think I was not in the headspace for it at the time.


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