Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Wordless Wednesday: Black and White and Read All Over

I made a display of these books in my classroom, but couldn't get a photo that did it justice. I just love the way they look together, and I'm sure it's no coincidence that they all deal with timely issues of justice, identity, and courage.

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  1. That is striking. It would certainly encourage me to read the books were I a student in your class.

    By the way, I just saw that so far this year there have been only two YA books that have been given top reviews by the major reviewers. Can you guess what they are? One of them is on your display. The other is a memoir.

    1. Deb, without doing any cheat googling, I'm going to guess Internment and--the young reader's adaptation of Born a Crime? Hey, Kiddo came out last year, right? That's the only other recent amazing YA memoir I can think of off the top of my head.

  2. That's a nice selection of books. The covers work well together too, because they are solid backgrounds with a person and the title as central focus. Not much else clogging up the cover.

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