Friday, April 5, 2019

Rag-Tag Cosplay Challenge!


{By the organizers' request, this post is going up the day before the read-a-thon begins. Please only enter during the 24 hours we are reading. I won't be looking at pics submitted before or after that time.}

Hello! This is my fifth or sixth time participating in Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon, and I decided it was time for me to do a little something to contribute to an event that has meant a lot to me.

Thus, this challenge. It's been done before, but I think it's a fun one.

Take a selfie of yourself dressed up as a literary character (or author).

Super cool if it's a character in a book you're reading today, but not required. 

We're not looking for professional, artistic costumes here. I'm talking look-through-your-closet, raid-the-junk-drawer, canning-jar-rings-as-bracelets material here. When you share your picture, let us know WHO you are, WHAT BOOK you are from, and maybe explain one thing about your costume that you think might need that help. Like, "I'm wearing a green cardigan as I portray Professor McGonnagal because she often wears a green robe."

One option is my copy of Check Please! Vol. 1, a super cute graphic novel about a sweet little gay Southern boy playing hockey at a New England college. I really only hang on to books that I'm going to keep in my classroom library, and this is a bit too much for my middle school environment, mostly due to some raunchy language.

Check, Please!: #Hockey, Vol. 1

The other prize is a set of 3 stickers from Powell's Books, Portland's amazing bookstore. One will rep Powell's, one will rep the Northwest, and one will rep reading. Why am I not showing them here? Well, because I haven't actually bought them yet. BUT I WILL. 

Both winners will be chosen by lottery, and the first one to respond with their prize preference gets it.

You can post your picture on Twitter with the hashtags #RagTagCosplay and #readathon, or you can comment below with a link to your blog or Instagram feed. Or you can do both! I will announce winners when I come back to life on Sunday.

Off you go! Put together something fun and share it with us. Then carry on reading. Because today is READ-A-THON DAY!!!!! 


  1. Love this! I have boxes of costumes, so I have a distinct advantage here.

    1. Okay, I totally cheated, but I was able to quickly find six nice photos of me dressed as literary characters and I posted them here:

      I think I'll make a Canva of these and post them on other media. I'll link back to your blog.

  2. Super fun! I'm going to try and check out some pictures later!

  3. This made for a really nice break thanks for the fun idea! My entry is at:

  4. Thanks for giving me more reason to channel Lara Jean Covey

  5. I got into my costume while listening to an audiobook. This was so much fun! I turned myself into Remus Lupin


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