Friday, January 4, 2019

2019 Challenges

I've tried the "biting off more than I can chew" approach to challenges, the "focus on one really hard one," approach, and the "only sign up for challenges that you'd do anyway without trying" approach (that was 2018, for the most part!).

So this year, I'm going to try to bring the pendulum back to the middle.

I'm sticking with a Goodreads goal I'll easily reach sometime in the summer. It seems odd to NOT set a GR goal, but I don't like the feverish focus on finishing I developed when I set more challenging goals.


I always sign up for the "Discussion Dabbler" level of this one. I love, love, love that "1-10" is a category! I can do that! Once I've written my first discussion post of the year, I'm set, and all the others are gravy!

Plus, when I remember to visit the link-ups, there are always good blog posts to read from this challenge.

2019 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge

I just read Sam's challenge post on WLABB, and liked the sound of this one too. I think I'll do this lin lieu of the Popsugar Challenge this year, but push myself to choose a book I wouldn't have otherwise read (or prioritized right then) for each month's theme.

This is just a personal commitment to participate in at least one meme post per week. I know this is the best way to keep involved in the community, but I also know that I start to feel like I'm repeating myself, or just posting so I can say I posted. So I'm going to choose a handful of memes to focus on, but not expect weekly participation on any particular link-up. Deb at Reader Buzz put together an amazing list of book blogging memes. I was sad that some of the most interesting looking ones are inactive, and curious to find that many of the active ones I like all fall on Wednesday. The ones I hope to partake in are:

Top Ten Tuesday (of course)

(In case you're curious, the defunct ones that sound especially good included "Ten Good Things on a Monday," "Dusty Reads" and "Down the TBR Hole." I'm just not willing to commit right now to re-launching any of them--but I'm not ruling it out either!)

How about you? Do you like challenges, or loathe them? Push yourself, or cram the books you'd read anyway into the categories? 


  1. Good luck! This year, I’m only signing up for the Discussion Challenge because that’s the only one I ever seem to accomplish. I like the idea of reading challenges, but I rarely complete them.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I am doing monthly motif and the discussion challenge. They work well for me. I love memes. The Sunday Post is one of my faves, and I will forever do Top Ten Tuesday, because I love making lists!

  3. Okay confession time: I cannot do challenges! (Yes, I realize the irony of hosting one bwahahha.) I get wayyyy too competitive with myself and I end up getting really anxious. So I started letting pick my Goodreads goal, setting the parameters from 1-whatever the # of books I read the year before was. So this year, from 1-146, the gods of randomness blessed me with the number 9. And I am not complaining hahah. So glad you are joining us in the Discussion Challenge again, too!

  4. I think I will take a good look at the Discussion Challenge. I find that I (often) tend to write shallow posts, and I would like to write deeper and read other deep posts. Maybe this would encourage me to do that.

    I do the Goodreads Challenge and I do long-term challenges. I tend to do best with these.


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