Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018 In Review, With Pie! (Charts)

In 2015, I went hard into the world of book blogging and the social media aspect of reading. I'd been on Goodreads since the summer of 2008, just as a way to track my reading. I'd never challenged myself to read a certain number of books in a year, much less taken on any other reading challenges. You can see in the Goodreads chart below when I jumped from reading as a hobby to reading as an intention.

You can also see that this year is the first time since then I didn't read 200+ books. Actually, I didn't try to read any set amount at all. I put my GR goal at 52, knowing I'd break it, but not really minding. I wanted to not feel the pressure to read, or to struggle over whether or not to add picture books to my count. (I prefer to rate them but not date them.)

For many of the same reasons, I took a prolonged break from blogging recently. I didn't even blog ahead, and I didn't do as much blog visiting as I'd thought I might. I just backed away and did other things. 

And it was great.

And it was long enough that I missed this.

I don't want to commodify my reading by getting obsessive about numbers. I don't want to turn blogging into yet another obligation. I want to keep my focus on reading for two main reasons: for fun, and to be a better reading teacher. I want to blog in ways that address those two foci as well.

That being said, I loooooove looking at year end stats. So buckle up, because I'm about to dump a ton of them on you.

Number of books read: 182. 
The charts are based on 181 because I took the screenshots before I remembered that I listened to Neil Gaiman reading A Christmas Carol right before the holiday, but it's not a significant difference, so I didn't re-do them.

Average rating: pretty dang high.
This comes down to two things: I know how to pick books I like, and when I'm on Goodreads, I tend to round up for the sake of the author. 

Why "Beat the Backlist" Isn't Much of a Challenge. 
Also, mentally insert one book in the 19th century column, please. Honestly, the fact that most of these books were published in the last ten years is something that's changed with blogging too. I hardly ever am randomly looking at books on the library shelves, since I'm so aware of what's come out in the past few years.
Why "Library Love" Wasn't Much of a Challenge Either.
Most of the "bought" books, new or used, are books I bought for my classroom library because I wanted to read them. So I read them, then I donated them to the classroom. As opposed to books that have already been in circulation in my classroom library that I read.

Me and my white American women authors. Sheesh.
These look virtually the same as last year. I suck. 

"But I like diverse characters," she says, weakly. 

I Know What I Like. *happy sigh*
These stats also don't change much year to year. 

I will continue to rein in any competitiveness with my reading, and to read for readings' sake instead. I am sure I will continue to find many terrific stories; some expected and some surprising. As we move through this first month of 2019 I will do some more looking back as well as some future planning. 

Happy New Year!

My daughter on a day trip to the coast last week.


  1. I love looking at the year's reading in all sorts of ways like this. Well done!

  2. I love these stats posts. It’s interesting to see what everybody is reading. Congratulations on finishing so many books! I set my Goodreads goal at 50 this year because I didn’t like the pressure I put on myself last year.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. Happy New Year! Way to go and totally smash your GR goal. I don't know if I read more ownvoices authors this year. I think I read more than previous years, but I'm not sure. It's not a chart I've made, but I loved looking at all your graphs and charts. Here's to a more diverse and fulfilling reading year!

  4. I also enjoy seeing the stats as an engineer I love graphs. You finished so many books. Congrats on your 2018 reading.

  5. Every year I say I'm going to figure out how to do pie charts for my year end wrap-up, and I never do. I am always so impressed with pie charts, or graphs, I like graphs, too. 👍✨

    I want to somehow track the publishing houses and publishing methods of the books I read. A few months after I started blogging I decided to champion self-pubs, indies, and small smaller imprints. I'm not so sure I'm as up on that as I used to be. 📚

    You had a great reading year! 🎉

    1. I'm always happy to share the Google form I use, which then goes ahead and makes all the graphs and charts for me when I ask it to. Let me know!

  6. Outside of how many books I read each year I don't keep up with any other stats. But seeing everyone's charts and graphs make me want to. Maybe this year. See what I read in December at Girl Who Reads


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