Monday, September 10, 2018

August in Review

My Reading

# of books read:
Seven. Can this be right? Quite the drastic change from July's 24.

Best(s):(In which I tell you all my five star reads and make up categories so they each win something)
Best Debut by Amazing Blogger: A Thousand Perfect Notes
Best Short Story Collection: Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances
Best Graphic Novel: Saga Vol. 8

Challenges progress:
Library Love: +6, so 99/60.
Beat the Backlist: +4, so 102/100--Woo hoo!
Goodreads: 124/52
Popsugar: +1, so 28/52
Discussion Challenge: +0, so still 6/10 In addition to my weak reading month, I hardly read any blogs, and that makes me sad. I still want to plow through a bunch of people's discussion posts!

Bookish Events and Happenings

None. Well, except that a friend and colleague also applied to be the recommender of the month at our library, so I feel like an influencer for sure. And I took a look at the upcoming author events at Powell's and WOW. V. E. Schwab, Ellen Hopkins, Laini Taylor, Kwame Alexander, Walter Mosley are all coming in the next six weeks. I want to go to Schwab's and Taylor's, and I hope to get a group together from school to go see Alexander. And I applied again to be a CYBILS judge, but won't find out for another 2 weeks. So there's a lot on the horizon, but not much happened in August.

On the Blog

Very little. I finally got around to my Mid Year Freakout Tag entry, and I participated in my first ever Picture Book 10 x 10, which is more of a teacher thing than a book blogger thing? I think? 


This is clearly where my time went this month. At the beginning of the month my daughter and I spent a few days at the beach with a friend of mine. The next week, the family went on a short road trip to the southern end of our state, where we breathed smoke from the forest fires, walked in the redwoods, introduced our stuffed reindeer to the animals at Wildlife Safari, played in the dunes, and were mind-boggled at the Oregon Vortex. I got very little reading done, because I can't read in the car, and my husband can't handle noise so audiobooks were out too. My husband's birthday is in August, and we went on a mini-hike nearby, then used the beer tasting gift card I got him for Christmas. There was a family dinner with the in-laws, moving my sister into her own place, and lots and lots of time spent prepping for the new school year. Inservice was the third week in August, and school started the last week in August. All of that means hardly any reading, and even less writing.

As much as I wish I'd done more reading and writing, it was a really good month.

My monthly summaries are always linked to the Monthly Wrap-Up Round-Up on Feed Your Fiction Addiction, along with many other terrific blogs' monthly reflections.  Nicole usually puts together a fun scavenger hunt giveaway too, so go check it out!


  1. I love all your vacation photos (especially the one of the deer and reindeer - too cute!). You are killing your challenges. Impressive. Powell's has some amazing authors lined up. Is it close to you? Books of Wonder is probably the closest place to me, that gets a lot of good authors, but it's still in Manhattan, and I hate going into the city.

  2. I'm glad you had such a memorable month! Sometimes a little less reading and writing can make you appreciate it even more when you get back to full swing!

  3. Wow, you get a lot of big-name authors at your bookstore. At mine, we mostly get random dudes with questionable self-published books. I love your photos! I saw zebras in August, too!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. Powells is my favorite bookstore! I've only been once when we visited friends (they made that a must visit because they know me too well) and they had to drag me out of there. I would love to see Alexander as he is an auto buy author for me. I love his work.

  5. It looks like you had a fun August. See what I read at Girl Who Reads


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