Saturday, June 30, 2018

June In Review

My Reading

# of books read: 16
Best overall: There There
 Review coming soon, because yeah, it's as stunning as they say.

Best graphic novel: I Am Alfonso Jones
Best alternative history: Dread Nation
Best contemporary: Sidekicks
Best #ownvoices historical mystery: Murder on the Red River
Best translated work: Generations

Challenges progress:
Beat the Backlist: Added 10 (83), so I'm 17 short of my 100 goal. No problem!
Library Love: Added 10 (74), so I'm 14 over my goal of 60+. Yes, my library card IS on fire. It's just a fact.
Popsugar:  Added 4 (26/52!)
Discussion Challenge: I wrote 1, so 5/10.

Bookish Events and Happenings

I've got something kind of fun to tell you next week about this. Otherwise, I can't think of anything specific. I am writing this from a new-to-me library across town while my kid does training to volunteer at the Humane Society. It's the branch my dad would have gone to as a young man, so that's kind of cool.

On the Blog

Falconer's Library is three! Check here for my thank-yous and a giveaway.

And this is my tenth post of the month, which means I'm making my way back to regular blogging. Phew.

My most popular post was a TTT post about books set in summery locales. I also did a fun tag answering bookish questions, and a scattered kind of post sharing some of my messy bullet journal habits and silly tweets.


Have I mentioned how much I love summer? (Sorry, that's a running joke in our family. I like to say it every time we're doing something pleasant and make my kids roll their eyes.)

School ended for me for the year. It was a tough year in many ways, but when I had my kids put together and photograph their "books stacks," they were amazed to see how much they'd read this year. These are kids who told me they read 0-2 books last year.

Yes, graphic novels count as books. Don't @ me, as the kids say.

For our staff end-of-year potluck, I tried a cake I'd seen on Pinterest a few years ago.  Well, the cake itself was standard, but the campfire on top was fun. 

My son turned 14. All he wanted was a good RC car. So that's what he got.

He also got two small ones so he and his dad could race. So they did.

My daughter and I picked 15 pounds of strawberries in the rain, because we're Oregonians, dammit. We made a double batch of jam and enjoyed strawberry shortcake a few times.

We spent a long weekend at a rental home on Mt. Hood with a group of friends I've known since we were kids. We went camping together for about 20 years, and lately have been cabin-ing instead. It's still a blast.

And the other day my daughter got a bee in her bonnet about making a "beach cake." Since I started the month with a campfire cake, I couldn't stand in the way of her creative vision. 

Man, do I love summer!

My monthly summaries are always linked to the Monthly Wrap-Up Round-Up on Feed Your Fiction Addiction, along with many other terrific blogs' monthly reflections.  Nicole usually puts together a fun scavenger hunt giveaway too, so go check it out!


  1. Sounds like you are having a great start to the Summer so far. And yes graphic novels and comics totally count~ It is great that the kids realized they read so much. <3

  2. I love the book stacks. Graphic novels are totally books. People should be less judgmental about that. (And about a lot of other things.) It looks like you had a good month. I’d happily eat those cakes and strawberries. Have a great July!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. Mmmmmmm.....cake. You are making me think about baking :). The thing I love most about your blog is watching how you give your students a love of reading - there is no greater gift!

  4. Look at all those beautiful desserts! Nice job! Yes, graphic novels are books. It's wonderful, that you were able to help your reluctant readers find books they can enjoy. People need to stop book shaming. Somebody commented again, how I am not really a reader, because I read mostly on my kindle. If there are words, and they tell a story, it counts.

  5. Now I want cake the only problem is that my oven broke. GRAPHIC NOVELS ARE BOOKS! I love graphic novels. The long weekend away looks absolutely beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful July.

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

  6. I absolutely love seeing those stacks of books. So impressive that your kids read all that!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  7. Your students did some great reading - and so have you! That's awesome. I have heard all the great things about There, There... I wasn't going to read it but may need to change that. Glad you are having a good summer!

  8. That cover for 'I Am Alfonso Jones' - wow!

    And of course graphic novels count as books!!!!! XD

  9. Great idea for the kids to stack their books and photograph them for reading record. What an awesome June for you. Thanks for sharing the pics!


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