Thursday, June 28, 2018

Falconer's Library Turns Three and YOU can win a book!

Three year olds are the ones that insist, "I do it myself!" all the time, right?

Yeah, no. I don't do it myself. I am totally an introvert, and love the way this hobby combines reading and writing, two solitary pursuits. But every book has an acknowledgements page, because even we introverts need support from the world around us. Here's where I get mine:

  • My husband and kids, who give me space and time to read and write. 
  • My sisters, who actually read my blog and say nice things about it. *waves*
    • I have an unending fountain of gratitude for the writers of this world, past, present and future. It's like one of those infinity pool things. Water forever.
    • Also for the illustrators, designers, agents, editors, publishers, printers, and all others involved in taking the authors' words and getting them into a format I can get my hands on.
    • Librarians and booksellers, I want to be you when I grow up. Thank you for being you in the meantime.
    • Bloggers in general. I think Pioneer Woman was the first blog I read? A long time ago? Before she was a brand? And then I found the adoption blogs, and from there I found book blogs, and one day I thought--hey, maybe I could do this.
    • Book bloggers in particular. Those who run the memes and events I participate or have participated in: Top Ten Tuesday, Sunday Post, Discussion Challenge, Mt. TBR Challenge, Monthly Wrap-Up, Shattering Stigmas, Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon. Those who invent fun tags to do. Those who write with verve and passion and those who are way way WAY more organized than I'll ever be. Shannon and Nicole have created great welcoming spaces in this community. Cait amazes and beguiles us all. AJ and Deb model the type of blogging I enjoy reading and writing. Lory and Anne remind me what it's like to invest time and thought into challenging books. JUST TO NAME A FEW! Geez, now I know why acknowledgments either say "And everyone I forgot" or refuse to name names for fear of offending someone who got left out. 
    • Also Beth, whose blog makes me laugh and makes me feel understood, Pernille, whose blog inspires me to be a better teacher, and the entire Nerdy Book Club universe, which does all of those things and more. 
    • I know it has issues, but I've been on Goodreads for ten years this month, and I love being able to track what I read, when I read it, and how it struck me at the time.
    • You, right? What's the point of all this if nobody read it?

    So...whaddya say we do a giveaway? Sorry, US only due to shipping costs. But if you want to enter internationally, I can send you a postcard! 


    1. That is so cool. I'm checking out all the blogs you linked :) Happy blogging and I hope you'll be around many more years. (I can't enter, am in the UK, but I think people who giveaway books are the best!)

    2. Congratulations! I always enjoy reading your posts.

    3. Congratulations! Glad to hear you still have so much passion after all these years.

    4. What an awesome accomplishment, and I love the acknowledgements! Funny thing - I tried to find you on Goodreads awhile ago, because you and I have similar tastes in books, and read across genres in a similar way for work. I was excited when I saw the link on this giveaway, but alas it did not work for me. I did link my profile so hopefully I'll find you soon!

      1. Thanks for letting me know--I figured out what I did wrong and fixed it, and I sent you a friends request!

    5. Happy blogoversary!! I've loved following you all these years. And thanks for including me in your acknowledgments---I can honestly say that it's a privilege. :-)

      Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    6. I'd like to try there there from your June fiction highlights...heard so many good things plus your own input. Thanks for this giveaway. Best, Kara S

    7. Happy Blogoversary and thanks for the giveaway. :) I would choose a book by Robin LaFevers. :)

    8. "Leave a comment telling me what book you'd like to win!" I might choose "Akata Witch"!

    9. Happy 3 years!! I'd love to win the Upside of Unrequited.

    10. I love your blog! I'd love to win one of the new Hufflepuff house editions of a Harry Potter book.

    11. Happy blogoversary, dear! I think I'd pick a Megan Whalen Turner book :)
      Megan S.

    12. Happy Blogoversary!!! Hope you're having a good day, and thank you so much for this opportunity :):)


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