Monday, February 19, 2018

TTT: Series I Just Might Quit

With the delightful bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish moving on to other things, TTT is now hosted by just one of their contingent, That Artsy Reader Girl .  If you want to quadruple the size of your TBR AND find a bunch of great book blogs to follow head on over and check it out!

The topic this week is: Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

Something about that feels a bit too hostile to me, so instead I'm going to adapt it to "series I never got around to finishing" and ask for your input on which ones I should go back to, and which ones I can let go in good conscience. 

1. Skinjacker series by Neal Shusterman 
Wendy read: 1/3
After seeing him speak and devoting two posts to the experience, I am feeling like I should go back and read the rest of this series. 

2. Grishaverse trilogy by Leigh Bardugo
Wendy read: 1/3
I was not impressed with book one. But the Six of Crows duology, set in the same world, are among my all time favorites. So maybe I should try again?

3. Daughter of Smoke & Bone series by Laini Taylor
Wendy read: 2/3.5
I liked the first book. I loved the second book. I got bored partway through the third book and quit. Then I read the companion novella and was charmed. Plus, I adored Strange the Dreamer. Maybe I just needed a break before continuing?

4. Chief Inspector Armande Gamache series by Louise Penny
Wendy read:  5/12 and counting
I do like mystery series. But this one just kind of lost its luster.

5. Rebel of the Sands series by Alwyn Hamilton
Wendy read: 1/3
I just got around to reading the first book in this series in December. I liked it. I didn't love it. Keep going or nah?

6. Fly By Night series by Frances Hardinge
Wendy read 1/2
I don't remember much about the first book, which is why I haven't picked up the next one. But I know I liked it. And I know Hardinge has a pretty good reputation, even though I haven't read any of her other works either.

7. Tales Dark and Grimm series by Adam Gidwitz
Wendy read: 2/3
This is what happens when I start reading a series before it's done. I read the first two, then by the time the third one came out, I'd just...moved on. I have it in my classroom library. It would be easy enough to finish up the series. I just don't know how much of a priority it is.

8. Immortal Beloved series by Cate Tiernan
Wendy read: 2/3
Fun fact: I had no idea what this was when I saw it on my "series" shelf on Goodreads. But after reading my comments and the description, I was all, "Oh yeah, those were pretty fun!" Maybe I should wrap it up.

9. Easy Rawlins series by Walter Mosley
Wendy read: 10/14
Another detective series. I totally have a good reason for taking a long hiatus on this. The author ended a book with what appeared to be the death of the protagonist, then took six years before writing the next book. I just realized last month that there are MORE now.

10. Legend series by Marie Lu
Wendy read: 2/3+
It's maybe not a good sign that I thought I'd only read the first book in this series, but now see I went on to the second and didn't like it as much. 

Overall, I tend to read a lot of YA fantasy and adult mystery series, which definitely is reflected here. I'm also noticing this list is 70% female and 80% white, which makes me feel more like continuing with the last two on the list, as I believe in consciously reading authors of color (since clearly, I don't do it unconsciously). 

Are there any of these you think I should definitely get back to? Any I can take off my "maybe" list without guilt or regret?


  1. I have had Rebel Of The Sands on my TBR for the longest time, but I'm still yet to read it. Eek! I liked the Legend series but I don't feel like you'd be missing much if you skipped it!

  2. Leave the Grishaverse alone! I liked the first one and thought the second one was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING BEST BOOK EVER but the third book in the series is the definition of predictable. I don't think I've ever been so disappointed to finish a trilogy.

    You can find my Top Ten Tuesday here.

  3. I ghaven't yet read Traitor to the Throne which is the second in the series of Rebel of the Sands. Sighs. I held off on putting it on my list bc I want to get to it . At some point lol

  4. I think it’s okay to give up on a book or a series or an author. Not every book is right for every person. I’m not telling the world that no one should read War and Peace; I’m happy some people are diligent enough to make their way through that entire book. But I’m not. It sounds like I’m being negative about the book, but I’m really saying that my relationship to the book isn’t working.

    Here’s my list:

  5. I completely agree with Deb. There are a few classic books that I can't personally get through. To each their own, though!

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  6. I really liked the first book in the Grishaverse, and then the second blew my mind. Best sequel I`ve read in a trilogy. But the ending was horrible. I was so disappointed with how everything wrapped up. I am very excited for the book about Nikolai though, one of my most anticipated releases.

    Carmen`s Reading Corner

  7. I was unimpressed with the first Grisha book, but I do want to read more of the author’s work. I haven’t read any of the others on your list because I tend to avoid series. I usually get bored and distracted and don’t finish them.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  8. I tried so hard to read the Skinjacker series. But it kind of just fell flat for me.
    Great list!
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  9. Even though I'm probably the biggest Louise Penny fan ever, I really do know that her books and series are not right for everyone. I've had several friends who read a couple and then didn't go on. The trick is for all of us to find our 'sweet spot'. Happily, there are so many books, right? Enjoy what works for you!!

  10. I haven’t read any of these. But yes, I wanted to read Six of Crows series at some point. I am not sure though when that time will come :P I have a kind of love/hate relationship with the series. I am usually afraid of them :D

    My TTT:

  11. I didn't like the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, gave up after book 1, but have not read any of the others you mentioned yet!

  12. A lot of these are on my TBR, but it's an endless hole, and I have not been reading too much fantasy these days. I did love the Legend series. I am itching to get that short Lu wrote.

  13. I finished the Daughter of Smoke and Bones series and the ending wrapped things up in an unexpected way. I listened to the audiobook. Perhaps that would be a good way to finish up that series.

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and for commenting on my political post. I am so sick of what is happening in our country I finally decided that I would use the skills I have to reach people. Perhaps someone will read my blog and be moved to action or to change their point of view. I hope so.


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