Friday, February 23, 2018

So, This Happened...

And I got a bunch of trolls making fun of my handwriting and my weight. And let's be honest, if I'd realized anyone besides two or three people were going to see this, I would have written it more neatly and not included my face in the picture. But also--nothing will convince me of Russian bots and NRA stooges faster than having random strangers notice my little tweet and launch personal attacks. So I made them a present:

I'm SURE that now they will focus on the content instead of the messenger.


  1. Haha, wow. I retweeted that tweet, but I had no idea it got so huge. Sorry you had to deal with trolls. I guess I’m glad that my gun control tweet was read by, like, 3 people. You’re awesome. Don’t let the trolls drag you down.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. One of the biggest things I hate about social media are trolls. With that said, they couldn't come up with an argument based on the actual content of your tweet, so they attacked you, which is juvenile, but also shows their level of intelligence. Before everything happened in FL, I was actually discussing the problem with violence in our schools with a co-worker. I taught for 12 years (I left the profession), and we take our kids from these lovely, small elementary school, and shove them in progressively larger and larger schools. The size definitely makes building community difficult. That, and the way parents drop like flies as their kids get older. You have a voice and are entitled to your opinion. I love your response.

  3. Trolls need to excuse, but check out those 4,000+ likes and 1,000+ retweets! Definitely a message resonating with teachers and school personnel everywhere. Which is more powerful than perfect handwriting or a pretty face will ever be.

  4. That is a message that deserves those retweets and likes!

  5. Wendy, your tweet was FABULOUS. I seriously don't understand what is wrong with people though, to attack you- it's because they have nothing to say about your actual tweet, which is so accurate, so they have to make stuff up. I read the tweet and the thread, and you handled yourself beautifully and with class, and I respect and admire you so much for that. And I am so, so glad that we have teachers like you- gives me hope for the future, so THANK YOU ♥♥


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