Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February in Review

My Reading

# of books read: 10.

Best(s): Lots of four star books this month, but no five stars. I continued some great series with Thunderhead, vol. 4 and 5 of Princeless, and The True Queen. I finally read American Street. I read a random thriller that totally got my adrenaline running, The Killer in Me. I wrapped up the Cybils judging reads with Scythe, which won, and The Hearts We Sold, which was a strong contender.

Challenges progress: 7 books qualified for Library Love. 8 qualified for Beat the BackList. None qualified for my personal challenge to read a sports novel and a horror novel this grading period, and I only have 3 more weeks.

Bookish Events and Happenings

February was huge for bookish events and happenings.  On World Read Aloud Day at the beginning of the month, each of my five classes Skyped with a different author. Huge thanks to Donna Gephart, Denis Markell, Karen Romano Young, Mark Maciejewski , and Darcy Rosenblatt for spending time with us!

Over the next two weeks, we finalized and wrote up our choice for the YA Speculative Fiction category of Cybils. The day after winners were announced, I got to go to Powell's Books and hear Neal Shusterman speak. That was very fun, as I documented here and here.

On the Blog

11 posts overall, but two were just screen shots and one was a link to a guest post.

I started the month with my annual link-up to Modern Mrs. Darcy. Every year she asks us what is saving our lives in the dreariest part of winter, and every year I get more views on that post than any other. Due in part to that, I passed 50,000 views overall on my blog. I'm pretty sure only 40,000 of those are my own. (Kidding, although it seems that I periodically have to remind Blogger that I don't want to count my own page views.) I had fun blogging about the author event with Neal Shusterman, and the TTT posts, about series I might quit and long-term residents of my TBR, got some good conversations started. 


We finally got some snow in western Oregon this month. We had two days off and a late start last week, which is just enough time to really settle in and enjoy it without having to worry about going late in the summer. I made homemade caramel and read and napped. 

I also tossed my pebble into the Twitter ocean and posted an "#ArmMeWith" tweet like some I'd seen floating around after the idea was suggested that giving teachers guns was a reasonable response to gun violence. Here's a small suggestion: if you are ever going to hand-write a sign and post it online, take the time to make it neat and tidy, because BOY HOWDY have I been roasted for my sloppy writing. If I'd known this would be my only tweet ever to get more than 3 likes and retweets, I would have slowed down and made it more legible. My other suggestion is to be slim and pretty (but probably not TOO pretty) because apparently my weight made it hard for some people to understand my point. Despite all this, I see three positives:

  1. I am now an official member of the 21st century, having been insulted by strangers online. Woot!
  2. Let's say that eight people wrote a total of twenty mean tweets. On the other hand, over 9.000 people "liked" my tweet, and over 2,000 retweeted it. 
  3. A few people took offense on my behalf, and some of them have SENT MY CLASSROOM BOOKS. So the laugh's on you, trolly little trolls. My kids now have Strong is the New Pretty, a new copy of Wonder, and a history of Rap at their fingertips.

My monthly summaries are always linked to the Monthly Wrap-Up Round-Up on Feed Your Fiction Addiction, along with many other terrific blogs' monthly reflections.  Nicole usually puts together a fun scavenger hunt giveaway too, so go check it out!


  1. Oh how I love a good snow day!!!!! I've had one this year, but I'm hoping for maybe a late one yet.....probably wishful thinking. I'm glad that the trollers didn't beat you!

  2. I just finished Scythe and loved it. Now I need to find a copy of Thunderhead. I’m glad you had some good snow days. It was crazy how that tweet blew up. I thought it was an awesome tweet, and I’m happy that most people agree with me. Have a great March!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. That is so awesome that you Skyped with all those authors. *jealous* I love that so many positive things came out of your troll encounter. That's awesome.

  4. Nice month for you. I hope to be more active in the next few months-as I am new!

  5. Sorry that you got so many trolls on your tweet BUT yeay for getting some books for the classroom. At least that is a great outcome.

    I am very curious about Scythe. :)

  6. We have also had A LOT of snow this week. And it's very cold!
    Oh man, sounds tough about that tweet... Yeah, it's always dangerous wading into the territory of a popular hashtag, especially one that's kind of on fire. Wow, you got HOW MANY likes and retweets? Impressive! Hey, 8 people is nothing compared to that. Now I'm curious what you tweeted... By the way, as for slim and pretty.. If that was the case, you could always just be called a brainless doll. The only way to avoid that is actually to be slim, pretty and a man. So you get my idea. LOL

  7. I read American Street in January and loved it even more than THUG which I also read just before. It still feels like winter here, but I'm hoping spring gets more aggressive soon!

  8. Wow, high impact tweeting! Well done! XD

    Also, being insulted by randoms means you're officially a woman on the internet! XD Welcome!

    It's up to you how/if you respond, but I recommend you report all threats to Twitter - they're actually pretty quick when it comes to explicit threats. :) Remember that the block, report, and mute options are there for a reason! :) Stay safe and don't let the trolls get to you - I find most are freaked out by rainbows and glitter ;)


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