Saturday, December 2, 2017

Photos Of Books At Bookstores

I find out about a lot of books from blogs. I know what all the "buzz" books are in my areas of interest. But what about all the great books that for whatever reason don't get the buzz?

This is why I still go to bookstores and take pictures of covers. I can't buy all of them, of course, but I can put them on my Goodreads to-read list, I can see if the library has them in, I can learn more about them, I can run them by my students to gauge their interest level.

That's the theory, anyway. Sometimes all it means is that about 75% of the photos on my phone at any given moment are of books. (The remaining 25% is from when my daughter demands I take a picture of her doing something silly.)

But now I've thought of something else I can do with those pictures--I can share them with you! Who better to share book love and cover lust with, right?

This one is so obscure, the Goodreads account has no cover picture and only 2 ratings. 

This is a weird title presentation. The "laughing at me" is smaller, and I have no idea why there's an ellipses. Also, when I checked Goodreads, the vast majority of the first 20 reviews are in Arabic. What's up with that? 

This one is a memoir of being a child slave. Unlike other books on the topic I've read, this includes being smuggled into California to continue serving the family that had bought her. 

Another memoir of a horrible childhood. My students tend to like this kind of stuff.

Sci fi with Native American protagonist. Mixed reviews. I heard Bruchac speak at NCTE (have I mentioned this cool conference I went to yet? Oh, a dozen times?  Whoops!) and was not as impressed as I was with most of the author/speakers. Still, interesting concept.

A graphic novel about a writer ghostwriting the memoirs of a cat. Yep.

I suspect that one's gut response to the title will predict how much one enjoys the book.

This Schneider Family award winning book is about two girls aging out of their school's special ed program and becoming roommates. Again, wildly divisive reviews. This is one reason why i don't read reviews until after I finish a book.

Dragons in modern day, who feed of carbon emissions. Football players who slay dragons. 

I actually have about three photos of this on my phone, because apparently it keeps catching my eye. Might be time to get it soon.

 So, what do you think? Is this interesting or no? Because I could put together another 3-4 posts like this, easily, with what is currently on my phone. It was kind of fun to look each of them up and remind myself what it was that made me grab a photo in the first place.

 And, just to wind this up, here's a picture of how my daughter styled my hair this morning. Please excuse the mess. But it's kind of like one of those Highlights hidden pictures things--how many books can you spot?


  1. I think this is a cool idea for a post. I always feel sad for books that get no hype in the blogosphere. I’m sure we miss a lot of really good ones.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I love this idea. I could be a new meme. I’d like to start saving pictures of books from bookstore that I want to get. Good idea.


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