Friday, October 20, 2017

The People Have Spoken: My Read-a-Thon Books (and Back-ups)

Be honest with me now.  Did you just vote on the color scheme you liked?

I had 24 people that responded to my survey about which books to read for tomorrow's read-a-thon.  There was a bit of a rush towards the end that knocked off the front-runners, so it was all very exciting for me. 

Scrappy Little Nobody led the pack all week, and I figure it will be a pretty easy read.   My students gave me a ringing endorsement of The Seventh Most Important Thing, which one team is reading in language arts right now, so I will keep it handy as well. 

This is one that changed at the very end.  Courage for Beginners had been easily winning, then when I went in to check final results, The Memory of Things stole the crown.  

This is another one that caught me off guard today.  Firegirl had been a clear winner as of last night.  Looks like I'll be giving Nine, Ten a try instead.  Of course, these being the short MG books, they are all contenders to be slipped into the lineup when I get tired.

Heartless, on the other hand, seized the lead early and never let it go.  There were several shout-outs for My Lady Jane in the comments though.

A Gentleman in Moscow was the other steady leader.  Which is good, since it's the one I mentioned earlier that won a similar vote previously but...I haven't read it yet.  And I want to!  I really do!  So I will probably start my day with that, since it is pretty hefty.

There are a few graphic novels hanging around the house that I haven't read yet, so I will shuffle them into rotation when I need a break.  My daughter is waiting for me to read the second book in Spencer Quinn's Bowser and Birdie series so I can read the third one with her, so I may get to that too.  Overall I tend to be pretty flighty when trying to stick to reading lists, so it's really anybody's guess as to what I will ACTUALLY read, but I am going to pull this stack together and look to it first. 

Nice blue and black stripe you chose for me!  I, of course, thought immediately of the Estonian flag.

But maybe that's just me.


  1. I love the way you decided on your books for the 'thon! I've been wanting to read A Gentleman in Moscow so I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it! The end of this week has proven crazy, and I did not manage to get my act together to participate fully today. BUT....I have a new audiobook ready for my garage cleaning time (The Blind), and I'm hoping to get through a huge chunk of Sing, Unburied, Sing as well. Looking forward to your updates!

  2. I don’t remember what I voted for, but I hope you loved them all!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!


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