Saturday, October 7, 2017

I Might Need To Reconsider My Priorities

Things I forgot to bring with us for our family weekend at the beach, in ascending order of importance:

  • more than one t-shirt
  • sunglasses and sunscreen (not that it's sunny today, but you never know)
  • a knife to cut the block of cheese we brought down for lunches
  • bread to put the cheese on
  • more pants than the pair I wore in the car
  • a blanket for the beach
  • deodorant (would be higher on the list, but my daughter is letting me borrow hers)
  • my phone charger (ditto)
  • my pajamas (would be lower on the list if I hadn't also forgotten extra t-shirts and sweats)
  • my son's medications for his anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD

Things I remembered to bring:
I feel like this says more about me than I really needed to hear right now.  The meds were a HUGE oversight.  But at least I have plenty to read????


  1. Lol.....I'm sure you will have a fabulous getaway!

  2. Haha. You pack like I do. I’ll get somewhere and go, “Okay, I have 3 bags of chocolate chips and no pants. Wonderful.”

    Aj @ Read All The Things!


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