Saturday, July 29, 2017

Library Haul:Nonfiction Extravaganza

I stopped by the smaller local library today to return some games we'd checked out early in the summer.  Since you have to go to the desk to check them in, I wound up browsing in the library, despite already having dozens of books checked out, not to mention a bookcase full of books from my classroom library.

First, some new games.

Bananagrams for my husband and me, Five Crowns to start teaching kids about trump suits.  (we need a new term for that concept), and a board game called Dixit, which appears to be an image-based version of Apples to Apples.  This means my struggling-reader children can play too!

Some nonfiction:

Hyggelig, the adjective form of hygge, is one of the few Danish words I learned when I spent a college semester at an international folk school in Denmark.  It's a powerful concept, and while I don't expect to read every word of the book, it should be fun to flip through.  Summer Bucket List for Kids is my subtle way of getting my kids to want to do something besides screens this summer.  And The Stranger in the Woods sounds fascinating.  I'm several (short) chapters in, and it's good so far.

More variety:

I've had a copy of The Notorious Benedict Arnold in my room for a few years, but never bothered to pick it up.  Having just read and loved the author's Most Dangerous, when I saw this on display, I decided it was time to give it a chance.  I've heard good things about True Detective, so I grabbed season one on DVD.  The Winemaker and I are looking for a new show to watch together, so we'll see if we like it.  And I am working on a project for my classroom showcasing authors of color, so I thought I'd check out The Lines We Cross, as I've seen other books by the auther but haven't read any of them.

This is what I love about the library: the serendipity of stumbling across items you weren't even looking for.  Long live the TBR, and all hail the reading challenges, but libraries will always be my first and one true love.

A few days ago we were at the big main library, and I finally got to make a t-shirt!  My husband and daughter have done this several times.  First you use their digital die-cut to cut vinyl out based on your design.  Then you use their heat press to apply it to a shirt.  Mine is a bit wonky--don't love the font, had trouble with some placement--but I am still really happy with it.  Here's the front:

and then on the back:

You can't tell (or at least I can't tell on this computer), but the shirt is heathery purple and the writing is gold, not yellow.  

And THAT is what the library has done for me this week!  How about that?!?


  1. I love your shirt. I have The Stranger in the Woods sitting on my TBR shelf right now, so it’s good to know you’re liking it.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I am such a huge fan of my library. I love following blogs, and getting recs for books, but sometimes I miss the days of just wandering through the library and picking up what looked good. I still use my library regularly, but I find that I don't explore the books quite as much as I used to.....

  3. Libraries are magical places! I love that you can make shirts at your library--Wow! How cool is that? Thanks for sharing your library haul.


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