Monday, June 12, 2017

The Imaginary Falconer's Library Grant

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I was half asleep on the couch today and had what seemed like a brilliant idea.

You know how there are MacArthur "Genius" grants that allow people to basically not worry about money for awhile so they can just do their amazing thing?

I think there should be some sort of foundation or grant for parents.  I was thinking specifically moms, but I guess dads could qualify too.  Either way, it's specifically for parents who are introverts.

You get sent away for a week.  I'm picturing some sort of woodsy campus with those tiny houses scattered around.  During the time you're there, you do not deal with any people.  Meals are dropped off at your doorstep.  If you choose to cook, someone shows up when you're out and does the dishes.  Screens are discouraged, but you can watch up to two movies or 4 hours of TV on Netflix per day if that's your thing.

You sleep.

You read.

You take a leisurely stroll.

You take a nap.

Maybe you color a little, or listen to music.  There might be piano around that you can play without anyone listening or commenting.  There might be a swimming pool and a sauna.  If you go there, you get your own lane, and nobody tries to socialize with you.

There might be flowers, or pets, or other things you enjoy.  They are there to keep you company, but someone else is in charge of all litter boxes, and you only have to feed them, let them in/out, and walk them if you choose to.  

But the main point is you don't do anything for anyone, and you don't do anything productive--but neither do you do anything that makes you feel bad about yourself.

You just be.

Rest.  Recharge.  Come back ready to do your thing.

I can't even tell you how much I want this to be a thing.


  1. Sounds wonderful! And the pictures you added are so inviting!

  2. This sounds like heaven. You have thought of everything, even to the lack of litter boxes. If this was real I would be applying this minute.

  3. This sounds amazing. I’m not a parent, but I’d love to sit in a cabin, read a book, and cuddle pets that someone else cleans up after.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. I'm not a parent either, but I'm so with you on this one! -- Christie @


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