Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer Reading, I'll Have Me A Blast

Okay, that was kind of a stretch.  Sorry.

Now that I've talked about all the reasons and ways I'm trying to get my students to read over the summer as well, its time to focus on ME.

Sometimes I think that now that I'm blogging I spend more time thinking about and reading about books than I do actually READING books, but then I realize that I'm actually reading about 3 times annually what I used to read when I was "just" a bookworm.  That makes me feel better about all the book-related stuff I do.  Besides, it's fun!

For example, I made a list of some books I really hope to get to this summer.  Some were on last summer's list.  And that's okay!  And I know I'll read plenty that's not on this list.  I'm just trying to focus my enthusiasm a tiny bit.

I've also made a (not very pretty) series tracker.  I hadn't realized how many series I'm behind on!  And this is the whittled down version--I left off some that I might get back to some day and tried to focus on the ones that I really do intend to keep reading.

I brought home a case of three dozen books from my classroom library, all books I've been meaning to read all year but never got to.  Again, I probably won't read all of them, but I will read some of them for sure.

THEN I committed to the book-a-day challenge started by Donalyn Miller.  I'll be tracking those books here.
(and here)

It really does make me happy that there are so many great books to look forward to!  Have I mentioned yet how much I love summer?

Not actually related, but I borrowed a friend's botanical sketch book and came up with this.

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