Monday, May 29, 2017

On Falling Down and Rising to the Occasion

I keep falling down.

I wish that were a metaphor, but it's the truth.  I started the previous school year by stumbling over a crack in a sidewalk and doing a faceplant in front of a TV crew in town to film some episodes of The Librarian and ended it by stumbling down a friend's front walk, dropping the meal I was bringing his family as he recovered from surgery.  

This year, I started the year by tripping backwards down the stairs over Labor Day weekend, giving myself a concussion that continues to plague me with ringing in my ears, frequent headaches, and a near-constant need for naps.  During the snows of January, I took ONE measly little walk and ended up spraining my ankle badly enough that it left me with a permanently puffy foot.  And this weekend--the final holiday weekend of the year, so a tidy little piece of symmetry--I stumbled over my daughter's foot smacked my entire face into an asphalt road.

"It was like you didn't even TRY to stop yourself," my daughter said, horrified.  But the aching in my arms tells me that I did try, but couldn't do much to stop the force with with my body slammed down. Maybe I need to start doing pushups so my arms can do a better job protecting me the (seemingly inevitable) next time I take a tumble.
I took a selfie this morning, but I am not going to share it here. (You're welcome.)  I skinned my chin and the tip of my nose, and somehow got a serious cut in the bridge of my nose.  When I put a bandaid on, it feels like I'm wearing glasses. There's some swelling--my eyes have an interesting shape--but nothing too serious.  

The bright side?  We really needed a few groceries today.  I was not feeling up to dealing with people doing double takes, no doubt wondering if my husband is abusive (he's not) or if I'm a drunk (I'm not), so I drove my 11 year old to the store and she headed in with a shopping list and some cash.  She asked to go to the store that has self-checkout, because she was too shy to deal with a clerk directly, but other than that, she had a great time.  "I got whole wheat bread, because it's good for you," she informed me seriously as we unpacked back at home.  "And the tangerines were two dollars more per pound than the regular oranges, so I got the regular ones, because that 's a LOT."  Such a careful shopper.  

I tasked her with buying ice cream too, and she loved having control over that choice, picking chocolate truffle ice cream.  She did things differently than I would have (getting two small sacks of sugar instead of one big one; buying fancy ice cream but cheap bread), but I know better than to criticize or correct.  It was great seeing her confidence as well as her pride in helping me out.  

It helps balance out the blow to my own pride.  


  1. Wendy, it is great to meet you on SOL. I am sorry for your run of bad luck but I have to tell you that my family has had a history of falls too. Maybe it is all in the balance so I am continuing to improve my balance in yoga. Last week, I took a flop in the hotel while rushing to a conference. I am still feeling the effects but that is a whole different story. Feel better!

  2. you should go to a doctor and make sure all is good!

  3. People often tell me: "You're so graceful." I just look at them and reply: "You haven't been around me long enough." I am so uncoordinated that it's not even funny. One of my biggest examples is running into closed glass doors and knocking myself down (I sliced about it). What a story here - a painful one! I winced as I read. Here's to your healing and your protection!

  4. Sometimes, it feels as if the entire world is off its kilter, and maybe you are the only one in full balance -- just, the world doesn't know it yet. Be well.

  5. I hope you feel better soon. If you have post-concussion syndrome, that could be causing the falls. I’m not sure what doctors do for post-concussion syndrome. Many of them seem to shrug it off and tell you that it’ll go away eventually.

    On a happier note, I totally agree with your daughter’s shopping choices. I also would have gotten fancy ice cream and cheap bread.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  6. Yikes! I'm so sorry about your fall(s) but I suppose metaphorical ones could be just as bad? Or maybe even worse? At any rate, I hope you heal quickly. Side note: I love the details about your daughter's careful shopping. Sweet!

  7. Oh ouch! I'm so sorry. :( I wonder if there's something off in your inner ear that's subtly messing with your balance? That's lovely that you let your daughter do something like that- I can imagine how grown up she must've felt! And lovely to see her skills as a careful consumer developing. :)
    I hope you heal fully and soon- and no more spills for a few years, ok?

  8. I hope you are ok. While I'm giggling thinking of tiny Maculey Culkin in Home Alone I love that you let your daughter do this. Kids need way, way more of this. And, isn't it cool on the wheat bread! Great work Mom!

  9. Aw, I am so sorry, I hope you are okay! I feel you about clumsiness, I am a walking disaster most of the time too- but I am kind of worried about your concussion! Your daughter sounds awesome though! I would have been like her as a kid too I think, whereas I imagine that my children (they're way too young but still hah) would come back with a whole cart full of M&Ms and fruit snacks ;)


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