Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April in Review

My Reading

# of books read: 19

Best(s): The Upside of Unrequited, to which I award all the stars.  Also Goodbye Days and The Smell of Other People's Houses got 5 stars from me, and Ghost, The Lies of Locke Lamora, and All American Boys all got 4.5.  Last month no books got higher than 4 stars, so it was a definite improvement.  (Two of those books are by Jason Reynolds.  He may be on to something with this writing gig.)

Mt. TBR progress: 4, for a total of 26/100.

Bookish Events and Happenings

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon!  I loved it, even if it didn't go quite as smoothly for me as my first two times did.  And I shamelessly @ed Jeff Zentner and Becky Albertalli that I loved their books (and have one up for Reynolds as well) because apparently I crave the validation of having authors approve of my approval of their books?  The 21st century is weird.

I have the full 100 items checked out from the library right now.  Just thought I'd share.

On the Blog

14 posts.  After getting really good (for me) traffic during March with the Slice of Life Challenge, I saw a sizable drop-off this month.  The one exception was last week's TTT, in which I talked about ten types of books I am probably absolutely not going to read.  And my only thought on why that was so popular is that I posted my link earlier than I usually do?  So more people clicked on it?  I have no idea.  I also had a lot of fun with my "this or that" post, and with this month's Six Degrees post (oops, I made two of them!).


We celebrated our daughter's 11th birthday, meaning we hosted a sleepover, a family dinner, and an extended family cake-and-presents event.  I always love seeing how kind and creative her friends are at these things.  Her super cool cousin got her a bow and arrow.  We gave her the rest of the money for the American Girl Doll she's been saving for.  That's pretty much my kid--weapon and a doll.  I hated being 11 and 12, so I'm trying not to put that on her.  She's the oldest kid in her class, so she might not have the same pressure to grow up faster than she's comfortable with.  She's also much cuter and more outgoing than I ever was, but it's true what they always tried to tell us--the pretty ones are incredibly self-critical too.  GAH.  Why is it so hard?  

We thought we were going to sell this place we've had stuff stored in for seven years.  The sale fell through, but we cleaned it out anyway.  We have thrown out/recycled/gifted/donated/put away so much of it, but our porch and our bedroom are both still crowded with boxes.  Which is the kind of thing that we can honestly roll with normally, but we're expecting a guest from overseas next week, so we kinda don't want to look too trashy.  It might help if our vacuum cleaner and lawn mower hadn't also both died this month.  

I was super proud of myself for going to the doctor to check in about the ringing in my ears (constant since getting a concussion last September) and the swelling in my ankle (still there after spraining it in January).  Self care.  Healthy choices.  Guess what?  When you're old, stuff doesn't go away.  She phrased it more politely, but basically, I'm stuck with constant tintinnabulation and two different sized feet for life.  Awesome. Also, I'm "Are you sure you're old enough to be my doctor?!?" years old now. 

I may have already mentioned this, but I am super excited about it, so I'll brag again--I'm part of a group that is going to be doing a presentation at NCTE, a huge national conference for English teachers.  We're talking about the grants we won to create huge classroom libraries and how we build readers through choice.  I think I'll be focusing on embracing "low-brow" and "subpar" books to reach kids who seriously hate reading.  

My monthly summaries are always linked to the Monthly Wrap-Up Round-Up on Feed Your Fiction Addiction, along with many other terrific blogs' monthly reflections.  Nicole usually puts together a fun scavenger hunt giveaway too, so go check it out!

If you don't hear from me again, it's because I'm in jail for responding to the fact that it's 10:30 and night and my kids keep waking each other up. 

(That's a joke, btw.  I mean, the jail-worthy response part.  I'm a mandatory reporter, so there will be none of that, but I really wish they would SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP NOW.)


  1. My daughter is eleven as well and she has a bow and arrow and an American Girl doll. My daughter and your daughter might get along. I don't know why there is so much pressure on little girls to grow up. My daughter can't understand why the girls in her class care about mascara and boys so much. Aren't there more interesting things? Like bows and arrows?

  2. You read a few books that are on my list, and I'm so excited that you loved them....I need to get my hands on them soon!

  3. Upside and The Smell of Other People’s Houses are on my TBR list. Happy (late) birthday to your daughter! Sorry about the injuries that don’t heal. I guess I’m still at an age where my injuries go away, which is great because I’m really clumsy. Happy May!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. We are getting our house ready to sell, and we have 16 years of junk to deal with. It's been a struggle, especially because so much of it belongs to my child, who has not really lived home for 4 years now. Gonna pin her down after graduation. I share the ear thing. I have had cicadas in my head for over 15 years now. Sorry this happened to you =(
    Sam @ WLABB

  5. Awww, your daughter sounds like an absolute sweetheart. I hope you're right and that she doesn't end up feeling that pressure to grow up too face. My kids are both on the naive side, but I kind of don't mind them staying that way for a little longer. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  6. Sounds like your daughter had a great birthday! Sorry about the health stuff though, that ringing does sound frustrating. But congrats and good luck on the presentation!

  7. I need to start reducing the amount of stuff we have too. I have already started with bags of clothing and shoes, but need to get them to Goodwill. I was gifted Goodbye Days and am hoping to read it soon. I loved The Serpent King and am hoping to love this one as well.


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