Monday, March 6, 2017

SOL #6: Change of Plans

This March writing challenge is organized by Two Writing Teachers

I had a meeting scheduled for 7:15 this morning, which is about 15 minutes earlier than I usually show up.  I got myself up early and kept myself moving, refusing to check Twitter for the latest take on the latest nonsense going on, not picking up a book.  My reward, I promised myself, would be to get going so quickly that I'd have time to stop for a latte instead of my usual homebrew.  

Just before leaving, I checked my work email.  No particular reason.  And saw a notice that we have a two hour late start today.

"Really?" I mumbled to myself.  "Why?"

I looked over towards the window, where it had just gotten light enough for me to see why.  A powdered sugar dusting of snow on the ground, and more falling.

My window of quiet will be brief.  It doesn't look like the kids' school has a late start, so I'll be with them for their usual morning chaos for a change.  But I did get to hit pause for a good twenty minutes.  Update my wishlist at the bookstore.  Make the cup of coffee at home after all, and have time to sip it.  

Watch the snow fall, fat, slow flakes, as the morning begins to lighten.  


  1. Small unexpected pleasures are the best kind. Even though it is a brief quiet it is one the less enjoyable.

  2. Oh, those mornings are the best, especially when you aren't anticipating them. Glad you got to slow down for a bit to enjoy!

  3. When I worked for a literary journal based in Denver, I always used to celebrate when meetings got canceled. It meant I could stay home and not put on real pants. No tedious train ride to Denver for me. :)

    Aj @ Read All The Things!


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