Saturday, March 25, 2017

SOL #26: What's good about...

This March writing challenge is organized by Two Writing Teachers

"What's good about my dolls' heads,"
she tells me gravely,
"is that I can rest my chin on them if I get sleepy
while I'm holding them."

What's good about this truck,
I think,
is that you sit right next to me on this bench seat,
your dolls in your lap.

What's good about late March
is that the cherry blossoms look lovely
even on a day as grey as today.

My daughter made this little comment while we were driving home today, and it sounded like the first line of a poem to me.  So I tried to write the rest.


  1. What's good about this slice is that you recognized a poetic inspiration and let it grow with your words.

  2. Catching snippets of dialogue are great for inspiring writers. This is a great structure. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It’s awesome that you’ve been writing so much poetry lately. It’s been years since I’ve attempted to write any.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. This reminds me of The Important Book. I love that it began with your daughter's words. Fun!

  5. Love how you took your daughter's innocent comment and turned it into a poem.


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