Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Not Exactly a Book Haul

For someone who insists that they only buy books for their classroom, I've acquired a lot of new books in the past six months.  These are the unread books I've bought. Sure, many of them will end up in my classroom, but it would be disingenuous of me to pretend that is the only, or even the main, reason I picked them.

And then there are my library books.  I definitely have an impulse problem there.

And then at school, either for read-alouds or because I picked it up one day to talk to a kid about it and then got interested, there's

Yep.  34 books.  (Okay, 33 books and a magazine, but I plan to read it cover to cover.)  I realize this is more than many people read in a year.  It's enough to make me feel vaguely panicky.  But probably not enough to keep me from picking up and reading other things I come across before I get through most of these.  And not enough to keep me from not buying or borrowing another book until I get through most of these.  

On the other hand, if my choice of problems is:
a) too many great books on hand
b) nothing I want to read
c) not being able to find the books I do want to read

--then I definitely have the best problem.  

Why is it only Tuesday?  I need a weekend so I can power through a couple of these!


  1. We may be soul sisters. The only difference being that most of tbr pile is on my kindle. I am in the fortunate situation to get an email from BookBub everyday with books deals. It's wonderful and dangerous. I wish you some dreary, rainy days where all you have to do is read.

  2. I have 25 unread books sitting on my shelf right now. I’m trying really hard not to get more books, but they’re so tempting. Especially when they’re cheap.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. Please read Girl in Pieces so we can talk about it!


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