Monday, February 27, 2017

TTT: Ten Blogging Related Thoughts (Well, nine plus an American Girl Doll's Insta Account)

The delightful bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish host this weekly list challenge.  If you want to quadruple the size of your TBR AND find a bunch of great book blogs to follow head on over and check them out!

HOWEVER, they are on a well-deserved hiatus.  And I am on a less-well-deserved slump.  So here is a list of ten things I do want to let you know about the blog these days.

1.  I'm going to do a February wrap-up.  Soon.  I think.

2.  I read I Hunt Killers this weekend, and it was really good, but it was also much creepier than I'd ever expect a YA thriller to be, and I had to go watch Finding Dory on Netflix after I finished so I'd be able to get to sleep that night.

3.  I plan to join the Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life Challenge for March.  I did it last year and really enjoyed it.  Even though I haven't put ANY thought into it this year, and in fact just clicked away from writing this post in order to go sign up for the event, I'm still going to go for it.

4.  I did some math today and realized I've spent over $780 on books for my classroom library this year.  Which is insane.  Especially since I won that grant for 500 books that I received last summer, so it's not like there aren't any books in the room.

5. I went to a tech conference last week and now I can't stop bullet journaling, which is hilarious, since usually tech conferences don't get you engaged in hands-on, real-world activities so much.

6.  I want to join a Twitter chat--either the Nerdy Book Club's #titletalk or maybe #TwoJennsBookClub, but they are all set up for when the East Coasters have gotten the kids to bed, which means they're at 5:00 my time, which is when I'm driving home and/or transitioning into family life.  Not a good time to go stare at my screen for an hour.

7. The Winemaker and I watched all of Wallender (the Kenneth Branagh version) recently.  I'd only read two of the books, but I really liked them, and this adaptation is pretty much fantastic.  Bleak though.  The Winemaker also watched Chamber of Secrets with the kids in the middle of this and had trouble wrapping his brain around Professor Lockhart and Kurt Wallender being the same actor.

8. I'm also going to put together a post soon about our World Read-Aloud Day experience.  My students Skyped with four different authors.  They were all super awesome.  My kids were...themselves, so I have a few good stories.

9.  I recently picked up a Large Print copy of a book in the library, because sometimes you can avoid long holds waits by doing so, and I realized--hey, this is actually easier on my eyes.  SO OLD.  I'm contemplating stockpiling LP books before the next 24 Hour Read-a-Thon, because my eyes felt all fuzzy during the October one.

10.  I let my ten year old start an Instagram account for her American Girl Doll.  No, that has nothing to do with books.  It just cracks me up.


  1. I love your random thoughts, and I can't wait to see your Slice of Life posts again. I read I Hunt Killers - I know exactly what you are saying - so good but so creepy! Please do a post on your Global Read Aloud Day - I'm always looking for ideas that I can use at work as well!

  2. I’ve always thought dolls were kinda creepy. Some of those photos reconfirmed my belief. Dolls ARE creepy. I’m looking forward to your post on World Read-Aloud Day.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. My daughter thinks your daughter's American Girl Instagram account is "so cool." Her American Girl doll is sitting on the mantle right now because where else would you store a doll?

    1. It cracks me up that she's got the selfie and the "arty" black and white angled shot.


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