Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nervously Accepting 2017 Challenges

I say "nervously" because I am notoriously bad at follow-through on these things.  When I graduated from high school six million years ago, they had a handwriting analyst at our all night party, and she told me, "You are really good at starting things but struggle to finish all of them," and I was all, "HANDWRITING ANALYSIS IS REAL!"

I already made a list of resolutions, which has some duplication of what I'm about to list, so bear with me.

1.  Mt. TBR Challenge.  As explained here, I'm going to be reading a cubic shit-ton of books from my classroom library.  I think this is going to go well, although I do get distracted by public library books pretty frequently too.

2.  Discussion Challenge.  I just realized I didn't officially sign up this year, so hi, Nicole and Shannon!  I'm signing up!  At the lowest level, because of that follow-through thing.

3.  Goodreads Challenge.  I set mine at 200 again, since that seems to be about the pace I'm at right now.

4.  Some sort of YA Award Winners thing.  Last year I signed up for the ALA Awards Books Challenge with Anne at Wilde on My Side, but out of nine titles, I only read three of the books, plus the three I'd already read before the awards were announced.  Still, it's a worthwhile goal.  Or I could sign up to read all the Printz winners and honor books in 2017.  I've had really good luck with Printz books overall, considering I'd read a few before I even really figured out what the Printz is.  The awards will all be announced on Jan. 23, so maybe I'll take a look at the two lists then and decide which one is more appealing.

In addition, I intend to:

  • Do some posts for Nerdy Book Club
  • Participate in the Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thons in April and October
  • Participate in the Slice of Life Daily Writing Challenge, also in April
  • Figure out how to attend the National Council of Teachers of English conference in St. Louis next November and lead a round-table discussion as part of the team of presenters who have received Book Love grants
  • Guest blog for a teaching blog
  • Read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to my daughter 
Now the question is, when I look back at this next year, how hard will I laugh?  


  1. Good luck with your challenges! I’ve read and reviewed all the past Printz winners. I’m eagerly awaiting this year’s winner.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I read one book out of 60 for Mount TBR, and it was great, but already I am distracted by other things. Well, one is better than nothing ... good luck with your goals!

  3. Just read. Then match it all up later. That's how I do it. I read a wide variety annually so,I get thru one or more challemges wthout getting all,bigger down in angst and worry.

  4. Wow. And I thought *I* was being ambitious. Mt. TBR had me cracking up. At least with books, if you don't finish it then it probably wasn't worth finishing, right?


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