Monday, October 17, 2016

Slice of Life: A Visit to the Bookshop With My Daughter

I wasn't motivated by this week's Top Ten list, so I decided to hop onto a different Tuesday link-up.  Two Writing Teachers host a weekly slice-of-life challenge.  I haven't participated much since completing their daily-posting challenge last winter, but I always find the community fascinating.

I'd already spent the morning deep into the world of words.  While she was at her bi-weekly Lithuanian Saturday school, I read at a coffeeshop, then headed to the library to do some research and writing.  Still, the book store was on our way home, and I needed to pick up those two holds.  "I'll just go in and grab them from the front counter," I assured her when she sighed at me.  "We won't even walk around at all."

So we did that.  In line, she was eyeing the sweets they strategically place up front, and I told her that since my holds were already paid for, I wasn't even getting out my wallet, so she could stop with the lingering glances.  We picked up the books and walked out through the store.

THROUGH the store.  That was my mistake.  I'd parked on the wrong side, the side opposite the cash register.

It was the socks, of all things, that stopped us first.  "Look, Mama! Corgi socks!"  We started browsing the selection, and suddenly I had holiday gifts for various family members in my hand.  She became determined to find something for her cousin, to take to her art show that day, so we drifted on to the mugs and kitchenware (I swear it's a book store!), where we found a wide range of adorable cat mugs.  We made our choice, then found another cute item just right for another cousin (I'm being coy here because some of these people might read this).  We were starting to juggle items, so we got a basket to carry them in.

So far, it was just the knick-knacks, and they could be justified as early holiday shopping.  Just taking the financial pressure off of December, that's all.  Then I saw a book recommended by Lory at The Emerald City Book Review and picked it up and put it down a few times.  It looks so good--but it's a new hardback.  It's not like I don't have anything else to read while I wait for it to hit the library.  But oh!  One student has been asking me repeatedly if I've seen the titles she entered on my "What books does the classroom library need?" form.  I'd better look up what those are and see if any are here.

While I was doing that, my daughter wandered off to the middle grade section and came back with a Warriors book.  The book snob in me wanted to roll my eyes.  "Oh my God, that's one of those series with dozens of pseudonymous authors cranking out formulaic drivel, right?  Nancy Drew in cat form?"  But my inner reading teacher is much stronger, and SHE knows that series reading builds both stamina and enthusiasm in struggling readers.  I compromise by making her find the cheapest copy of the book.

Oh, and speaking of series--just the night before I started watching the delightful Australian series Miss Fisher's Mysteries.  I wonder if they have the books here...

They do, but once again, I remember that I can just use my library card.  Still, I did manage to find one of the books my student requested, and I have no qualms about shelling out for a brand new paperback in that case.

She points out a doll and a hardback she wants for Christmas.  (I already know she wants those Corgi socks.)  I drift over to the YA graphic novels, knowing I can never have enough of those in my classroom to keep everyone satisfied.  We look at each other and laugh. "We need to get out of here," I tell her firmly.

We take our basket over to checkout and pay.  This time we walk quickly through the store on our way out, shielding our eyes dramatically while we amiably bicker over whose fault it is that we got so waylaid.  (Hers, obviously.  I was really going to ignore everything, but she just had to stop at those socks...)


  1. I speak your language and it kills my bank account, but makes me (and my daughter) extremely happy. Life is short, time spent in a bookstore is time well spent. No?

  2. Ahhh.....the pitfalls and pleasures of spending time in a bookstore. I so wish there were more bookstores around me, but I'm sure my wallet (and my husband!) do not! Loved your post today! Come back again soon.


  3. I love this! Book stores are hard to just walk through!

  4. Wendy, you paint us a wonderful picture of this lovely scene! I can only think that 20 and 30 years from now, your daughter will love read this post, maybe with her own children, and remember how much she was loved!!!

  5. My kids always knew I was a soft touch at the book store--and still am! Some of my favorite memories are of hangin' out in bookstores with my kids. Love the amiable bickering over who was to blame! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Aw, this is the best!! And I understand this struggle so much.😂 Although I DO tend to be okay walking into bookstores but libraries?? Pfft. I'm basically just picking things up that I should not be because my TBR at home is humungous but BOOKS THEY CALL TO US.
    This was so fun to read. ;D

  7. Lol, this was totally me last week. I went to B&N to spend a gift card, and I ended up with so many books in my arms that they were falling all over the place. It’s too hard to just pick out one or two books! I need a thousand!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!


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