Saturday, October 22, 2016

Read-a-Thon Check In #2: Through Hour 9

Well, serious thanks are owed to those who called out their favorites from my list.  I've finished the two novels that got the most enthusiasm and loved them both.  I knew We Were Liars was twisty and had an unreliable narrator, but it still fooled me entirely.  And I really didn't know anything about More Happy Than Not, other than that it had a GLBQT slant of some sort, and was highly recommended.  This is how I LOVE to go into books, and it paid of big this time.  (Though I think it says something about my shallowness that the part that made me cry was the unrequited teen love part, not the other REALLY LIFE-SHATTERING part.)  This is one of those books where you wonder how it can possibly be someone's debut.  He must have a dozen unpublished manuscripts in a drawer somewhere.  Only since it's the 21st century, I guess they'd be on a hard drive somewhere.  I don't know.

Between novels I read 12 Rounds to Glory: The Story of Mohammad Ali.  In 12 illustrated poems, it traces the major events of his life. I realized pretty soon that this is poetry that is meant to be spoken aloud, much like Kwame Alexander's poems.  Novels in verse and graphic novels are my new favorite types of nonfiction.

I'm feeling a little bit punchy after getting a whopping 4.5 hours of sleep last night, and my eyes are being annoyingly blurry.  My vision, not my eyes.  My eyes probably look like they always do.  (See above re: punchy.)  I actually made an eye exam appointment yesterday, because I've noticed over the past few months that I can't read at a distance--and over the past few years, I've also struggled to read super close, or to read tiny print.  I even bought dollar store reading glasses, but only use them for reading medicine bottles.  This blurry vision thing is new too.  This might only be my second read-a-thon, but it is NOT only the second time I've spent a Saturday reading steadily.

Current plan: read two light graphic novels--ll my reading so far has been so serious--and then take a nap to see if that clears up the vision thing.  Or a walk.  Or a shower.  We'll see.  (Not much of a plan, now that I spell it out like that.)


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