Friday, September 9, 2016

Sheer Poetry

The following is copied from an email I just sent to our 8th grade counselor.

I flat-out stole a full size Butterfingers from your fridge stash today.

Forgive me.  
It was so sweet and cold
And I had a bitch of a headache.

(apologies to William Carlos Williams)

In additional news, I finally finished listening to the silly owl book on CD during my commute, and was able to start Salt to the Sea.  Which is AMAZING, as I knew it would be.  I like that they have four different people narrating so each POV has its own voice.  I'd tried starting The Goldfinch, but the narrator sounded like he was trying to sound really sad and important, and it was bugging me to no end.  

Also when I went to get the link to the Goodreads page for Salt to the Sea, I realized I didn't even have it marked as To Read.  Which ties back into my whole problem with keeping a reading list and plan together.  

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