Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Judgey McJudgerson

So, this happened!

I'm going to be a CYBILS round two judge again!  I'm part of the YA/MG nonfiction team, and I understand that we are actually picking one book for each age group.  

I read mostly fiction, but I always MEAN to read more nonfiction, and I always enjoy it when I do, so I'm kind of excited to be un-typecast like this.  

CYBLS, author visits, Global Read Aloud connections across the country and globe, connecting with authors on Skype for next February's World Read Aloud day--all stuff I'd never dreamed of two years ago.  This blogging thing--this BOOK LOVING COMMUNITY of readers and teachers and librarians and authors--has brought a lot to my life and work.  *Mwah* (that was an air kiss, in case you were wondering.  Not an evil laugh, which would be *mwah-ha-ha*)

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