Monday, July 11, 2016

TTT: Ten Things About Me

I'm a little bit sad that I missed last week's TTT, but I have put the topic in a mental file to pull from next time I want to participate but don't love the theme.  This week, the fine folks of The Broke and the Bookish asked us to share ten things about ourselves, book-related or not.  I've done similar posts previously, including a list of ten things I hate and ten bookish memories.  I'm going to play this one pretty straight, and just share some facts that you would probably know if you knew me IRL.

1.  I was born and raised in Oregon, about 15 miles from where I now live.
2.  In my defense, I obtained all of my higher education (college plus a one-year MAT program) in Vermont and spent a significant chunk of my twenties living in Latvia.  So I HAVE left town.  
3.  I used to do non-technical mountain climbing with my husband.  I've climbed Mt. Hood twice, Mt. St. Helens once, South Sister three times, and Mt. Elinor once.  I now get out of breath running upstairs, but I could hike for miles in those days.
4.  I am a serious chocolate addict.  And baked goods, both sweet and savory.  Baking cookies and then eating them is one of my favorite ways to relax.  
5.  I've been married for fifteen years to The Winemaker.  We met when I was 31 and he was 29.  He was two years behind me in high school, but we were unaware of each other's existence at the time.  Our first date was Feb. 3 and our wedding was Dec. 8 of the same year.  Neither of us are the same person we were when we met, but we are still in love with each other.  
6.  We have two kids.  Our daughter is 10 and our son is 12.  
7.  I am a fifth generation Oregonian on my mom's side as well as a first generation American on my Dad's.  I'm 1/4 Lithuanian, 1/2 Scottish, 1/8 Swedish, and 1/8 northern European mutt.  
8.  My favorite color is purple.
9.  I'm an INFP. 
10.  I've never been to Alaska, Hawaii, or Disney-anything.  I really want to go to Alaska, I wouldn't turn down a trip to Hawaii, and I have zero interest in Disney-places (except I kinda want to go to the Harry Potter theme park).  

And yeah, the picture that graces this blog is me, aged about 10, reading in my favorite chair.  


  1. So nice to know that I'm not alone in lacking Disney-love!

  2. I love Oregon!! I went to Ashland, Oregon a few years ago to attend the Shakespeare Festival with my hubby. :-) It was loads of fun.

    Here's a link to my TTT post for this week:

  3. As a fellow Oregonian I am happy to have stumbled onto your TTT. I'm also a chocolate addict, but I do not bake cookies because then they sit on the counter saying "Eat me... Eeeaaat meee." all day. Lol.

    My Top Ten Bookish Facts about Me:

  4. My favourite colour is purple too!
    My TTT:

  5. Chocolate! I have a bad habit of just sitting down and eating a bowl of chocolate chips. I don’t even bother making the cookies . . .

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  6. I love chocolate though sometimes I wish I didn't because I want to over indulge sometime! I'm kind of weird Dismey-wise. I could care less about the movies but I love the parks! I've never been to Oregon but I have visited it in fiction quite a lot this year.

  7. Thanks for sharing info about yourself with us! I would love to visit Oregon and now that I live in CA I might be able to get up there. Portland looks like a fun town to visit. Congrats on the mountain climbing! My son has some interest in it, but I discourage it because frankly I'm nervous about him getting hurt (what does non-technical mt. climbing entail?-- just hiking up as far as you can go?) Have a good week.

  8. I would love to visit Oregon (and Washington State)! :)

  9. Aw this is awesome! I have never been to Oregon (one of 14 states that I need to get to ASAP!) but I really want to. Actually. I haven't been to Vermont either, which is weird because it's close. Also, I have not been to Latvia, and now I want to do that too (I have the travel bug, badly). I love the story about your husband too, that is so sweet! I am glad that you are still so happy together ♥ And mountain climbing, damn! That is impressive!!

  10. I love these types of posts - it's been so fun getting to know everyone better! I'm an ENFP, but I'm borderline E/I, so we're pretty alike! Someday I need to make it out to Oregon, for sure.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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