Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Post #8

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  It's "a chance to share news, a post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog."

Reading This Week:

Five books!
  • Donna Gephart's middle grade novel, Death By Toilet Paper, which was well worth reading.  
  • The Nightingale is faaaar better than the only other Kristin Hannah book I'd read.
  • I've had a library copy of A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge for quite awhile, and finally got to it the other day.  It's a graphic novel sharing the true stories of five different New Oreleanians (?) and what Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath were like for them.  Fascinating.
  • Lies I Told, a YA thriller/romance about a family of grifters that adopted two kids to help pull their scams, was fun, but not spectacular.  I'll probably read the next one.
  • 37 Things I Love (In No Particular Order) is very different from what I expected from Kekla Magoon.  It was quite moving, but set in what felt like a very white world.  

Blogging this week:

I celebrated finishing my first year at this blog this week.   As a result, I posted a whopping eight times this week!

Monday: I couldn't figure out what to call this post, which was a collection of links to articles about diversity in literature and some of my thoughts about the issue.  But I worked really hard on it!
Tuesday: I launched my celebration with a post about ten experiences I've had because of this blog.  I also posted my sign-up for a summer reading challenge taking place in mid July.
Wednesday: I continued my reflection with a post listing ten posts that I'm proud of from the past year.
Thursday: Since it was June 30, I posted my wrap-up for the month.
Friday: I talked about the YA books I've given five stars to since I started blogging--14 in all.
Saturday: I wrote about who I'm grateful to in my reading/blogging universe, and posted a giveaway that you can still enter!

I spent so much time writing this week that I fell down on commenting, so that's my goal for this week.

Life this week:

A lot of reading and writing!  We got a rare date night--first we stopped over and spent some time chatting with our winemaking friends whose space we'd borrowed for bottling, then we had dinner and played Settlers of Catan with a group of people I used to teach at the high school with.  Since non-teaching spouses were there, and since only three of the six still work together, the teacher-talk wasn't that bad, but since we were all English teachers, there was a lot of lit talk.  (The general consensus: Cormac McCarthy is an author I need to try, Stephen King can be awesome but Pet Semetary is gross, David James Duncan is a god, Don Brown is a hack.)

Yesterday The Winemaker tried to take the girl to a rodeo, but it was sold out, so apparently they're going today instead.  In the meantime, I took the boy to the library so I could keep working on my list of books to order, then we had Thai food and played a game he'd checked out at the library while we sat at the sidewalk table, then I took him to Zootopia at the cheap theater.  A few days earlier, we each had the other kid for an afternoon out, which was also fun.

The Winemaker and I have been watching Nikita on Netflix.  I still prefer the Canadian series, La Femme Nikita, but it's starting to win me over.

That's about it!


  1. Great update; I love that your family does things together. I am heading off to visit some of your other posts from this week.

  2. Oh. So you do get to choose the 500. Even better.

    Anyway, I've had The Road on my shelf for quite some time. I plan on getting to it eventually.

    1. Yep. Super fun choosing the books. The Road just sounds so grim to me.

  3. Busy week! Lies I Told sounds kinda good.

    I've been wondering about Nikita, I see it on Netflix but didn't really know what is was about, but I did love the old La Femme Nikita. Maybe i'll try it.

    1. Lies I Told is fun, but not quite as cool as its premise. I do like that Nikita is clearly based on La Femme Nikita, but isn't just a re-creation.

  4. I read The Road in college and thought it was boring. I remember it took me forever to get through. I read Pet Semetary when I was a teenager and loved it, but I was a strange teenager. Most of Stephen King’s books are gross. :)

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I haven't read a lot of King, but what I've read has sure stuck in my mind.


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