Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ten Posts I'm Proud Of

I find myself worrying that the candle will set the balloon string on fire.

This is Part 2 of my Blogoversary Week posts.  

In my first year of blogging, I published 231 posts, which means I posted on 63% of the days.  Considering I was hoping to blog twice a week, I'm pretty dang happy with that.  Granted, the SOL challenge in March (blogging every single day) upped my stats, but overall, I think I was able to carve out enough time to blog without letting it take over my life.

My blog is not a review blog.  I write some reviews, but only if I finish a book full of thoughts I want to share.  Otherwise, writing a review feels like a chore.  A lot of my writing is personal response and attempts to initiate discussions.  I reflect on my reading life (and, frequently, my teaching life) and share stories from my decades of bookishness.

I tend to ramble.

One thing I've loved about this year of blogging is experimenting with different forms, finding out what works for me, and being inspired by challenges, link-ups, and my reading.  The following posts may or may not be any "better" than the other posts, but they are ones that were extremely engaging to write, and/or that pushed me to really think about what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it.

Ten Posts I'm Proud Of

Only there are more than ten, because I cheated and grouped similar posts together.  My list; my rules.

  • Lifesavers is my most viewed post.  (I won't tell you how many views it got, because it's a little embarrassing how small my "biggest" is.  Okay fine, 136 views.)  It got that many hits because it was linked up at Modern Mrs. Darcy's blog, when she asked her readers to share what was "saving their lives" during the February doldrums.  
  • Adoration of My Library was a ton of fun to put together, and garnered an invitation to an behind-the-scenes tour that we have yet to take them up on.  #SummerGoals!
  • I did a TTT post on bookish memories that was also a good time.  
  • The geek teacher in me loved putting together British Mysteries 101 and Russia/USSR 101 for additional TTT posts.  
  • In September, new to my position as a reading teacher, I wrote two posts about Banned Book Week and discussing banned books with my students.  
  • I wrote about being One of Those People who pulls out a book in social situations.
  • I did a two-part series on Choosing to Read Books in a Digital Age.  Because of my upbringing and deeply ingrained prejudices around screen use, I really struggle with accepting how big of a role screens play in my life, so I wanted to explore that a little.  And yet, of course there are things I love about screens as well.
  • I usually skip review posts as a reader, and I don't write very many as a blogger.  The reviews I like are less summary-and-recommendation and more analysis-of-themes or personal-connections.  So it's obvious that the review posts I'm happiest with are ones that explore connections between several books, such as Toxic SiblingsApparently Small Towns Suck, and Apparently Road Trips are Life Changing.  
  • I really enjoyed participating in Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life challenge in March.  Writing daily was good discipline, and stretching beyond the borders of book blogging was also good for me.  Mid-way through, I put together a found poem about the experience based on what I'd written so far.
  • I crashed-and-burned on April's A-Z Blogging Challenge, but one of the last posts I got to was M, for Multiple Points of View.  I really enjoyed pulling together books to go in this category and reflecting on what did and didn't work for me.  


  1. I like your blog because the post formats and topics are so diverse. I also like that you talk about your personal connection to the books you read. I prefer reviews that have an analysis of themes and that include how the reviewer connected to the book, so I try to put those in my reviews whenever possible. I think those types of reviews are a lot more interesting than just a long synopsis.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. AJ, that totally makes sense, as your are some of the only reviews I read. We have a similar take on what we like to see for sure. I also appreciate that you review all sorts of books not just the latest buzz books.


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