Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Post #5

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  It's "a chance to share news, a post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog."

YAY!  It's June!

I am a huge fan of summer.  Even though I was overwhelmed by our sudden jump to 97 degree weather yesterday, I am so glad to be starting my favorite season.  I've always loved summer best but yes, it certainly is a boon that I get almost two months off--or of unpaid leave, to be precise.  We teachers get a little prickly about the "Oooh, I'm so jealous you get summers off," from people who, say, earn more than we do with less education, or people who work 40 hour weeks without taking work home.  Or people who complain about their kids being home during the summer.

Enough of the rant.  On to my week in review.

Reading This Week: 

Okay, wow.  I seem to have read one book this week, and that was last night.  Weird.  Anyway, I finally read The Living, which has been popular with my students this year, and I regret not bring The Hunted home this weekend, because I would have dove right into that next, for sure.  ("Dove" being appropriate, given the Titanic type events in the book.)  I plan to read the second book this week and review both of them together.  

Blogging this week:

So I must have been busier than I realized this week, because I don't have much to report here either.  This is only my third post this week.  One of the other two was a very fun Diverse Books tag, in which I recommended one book for each category of diversity (that was in the tag; the list is endless, of course) as well as one book in each category that is on my to-read list.  I was also inspired by Shannon at It Starts At Midnight's post asking readers to vote on which books from her TBR pile she should pit against each other in a Hunger-Games style fight to the death.  I figured out what website she used to create the quiz, and made one of my own, asking readers to vote on which books from my classroom library I should prioritize reading over the summer.  If you haven't voted yet, please go check it out!  

Life this week:

It was the penultimate week of school, and the week of my son's birthday.  Hmm, I may have just solved the mystery of why so little reading and writing got done this week.  

I spent two solid days administering tests to other people's students, which was just about as much fun as it sounds, but probably less fun for the students than for me, given that they've just survived a two month testing blitz already.  The only part I enjoyed was when I figured out how to schedule the kids, using a color coded spreadsheet.  

I made a caramel cheesecake for the birthday boy, which was a heck of a lot more fun.  We took him to the local amusement park with some friends for his party.  It was fun, but would have been even more fun if a) the weather hadn't suddenly jumped from the 60s to a record breaking 97 degrees and b) my son didn't tend to make friends with kids who, like him, have little to no impulse control.  Luckily he only brought two friends (and his sister), so we were able to keep them wrangled most of the time.  Other than that one time when one friend ran up to the slowly moving kiddie train that chugs around the park and CLIMBED ABOARD.  I so wanted to say to the driver yelling at him as he hopped merrily back off, "That one is NOT my kid, I swear!"  I also had to talk the same kid out of taking food onto the roller rink floor.  

There was an illness in the extended family that required hospitalization, so that was sort of anxiety inducing.  There's an incredible, world-class algae bloom in the kids' fish tank.  We just found out that a permit we need costs $1500.  Overall, I'd have to say that the cheesecake and the book I read were the high points of my week.  Ooh, and the success my husband and daughter had at her school auction, successfully and cheaply coming home with some rather nice student art, a pair of shoes, and a coupon for theater camp.  


I do want to read The Hunted and write a review of the series this week.  I know the reading part will happen for sure!  In general, I hope to read at least three books this week and post three times.  Last week of school gets crazy, so we'll see.  

Somewhat connected to that, I saw a tweet recently about how patronizing it is to fangirl about male authors of color while ignoring female authors of color, so I've resolved to be less creepy about Matt de la Peña.  I also fangirl about gay authors and women authors, but in a "They're so amazing!" way, not in a "They're so amazing--and hot!" way.

A somewhat longer term blog-related goal I have is to  participate in a twitter chat. I've yet to remember in a timely manner any of the ones I've heard about.  Any suggestions of a good chat for  newbie?  I do have Tweetdeck, and a basic understanding of how to use that to follow a conversation. 


  1. Yeah. I think people want longer vacations, but after a couple weeks of not getting paid it becomes less awesome.

    Art is good. I might have to blog about it someday.

  2. Your week sounds pretty busy!!!

    I was always irritated too by the people who complain about teachers having the summers off - the way I look at it, they had the opportunity to become a teacher, if having summers off was their priority. No one chose their career but them.

    And that cheesecake sounds amazing!


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