Tuesday, June 7, 2016

May Wrap-Up Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway

It's here!  I'm so excited.  This scavenger hunt is based on the entries into Feed Your Fiction Addiction's monthly wrap-up round-up for May.

I've never run a giveaway before, and I just spent a good hour muttering and cursing at Rafflecopter. Not their fault--it's a great program, but it's new to me, and any time someone mentions html, I get nervous.   I couldn't get it to do everything I wanted it to, but I sincerely hope I got it to do what I NEED it to do.

I had such a good time reading everyone's posts and thinking about what would be an interesting or specific question to ask about each.  There's such a wide range of ages, taste in books, approaches to organizing the post--it's a great little slice of the book blogging community, and I'm so grateful to Nicole for letting me venture a little deeper into this.

I thought it would be fun to give away something from one of my local independent bookstores, which just happens to be the world famous Powell's City of Books.  There are some great small bookstores in town as well, but both the downtown location, with its three stories* taking up an entire city block, and the location closer to my home, which is still bigger than any box bookstore, are terrific places to spend a few hours.  Or days, really.  They also stock all sorts of fun toys and gadgets of varying degrees of related-ness to books.  The winner of this giveaway can either go onto their website and choose one of the souvenirs, or commission me to find something cool for you.

From their website:

And there is an even bigger selection of stuff in the store.  Unicorn slippers, for example.  Additional book bags.  The list goes on.

I guess I'd better get to the giveaway part before I forget!  Best of luck, and enjoy browsing each other's posts.  


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    1. If you log in, via FB or just with email, it opens up with links to various end-of-month posts, and questions about each blog's post. Find the answer for one entry into the giveaway.

  2. How fun! I've always wants to go to Powell's, but the one time I was in Portland I was at the mercy of a performer's schedule, and it just didn't happen. Next time! :)

  3. Powell's! I could definitely spend all day there, but since I'm a continent away I have to be content with browsing the website. Looks like they have some fun swag, thanks for the giveaway.


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