Monday, June 6, 2016

And the winner is...

I put together a post several days ago that included voting on which books from my classroom library I should take home to read this summer.  I got some of you readers to vote, and some of my FB friends, then today I got my classes to vote.  It's very unscientific--I did the poll myself more than once to try to work out glitches, and some kids were really baffled by the process overall, while others clicked without putting any thought into it.  But I heard some great comments from other kids.

"We should choose a bunch of 'boy books' for her."

"Ooh, that one is really long--should we make her read it?  Yeah, she can do it."

"Wait, this one looks good. What's it about?"  (The question I was hoping to provoke all along!  Mwa-ha-ha!)

I already had a few books that I KNEW I was going to take home, but I committed to reading the top twenty vote getters whether or not my personal favorites were included.  They--and you--did manage to choose some books that will be a stretch for me.  Two are nonfiction, one looks super creepy, and two look suspiciously like romances.  There are also a few that I've had around for a long time, and that I feel like I SHOULD want to read, but just--meh.  They've somehow taken on the aspect of a chore, and I've been avoiding them.  So I'm excited to have this reason to finally read them, even if the "reason" is something I totally invented for myself.

Without further ado, the books I'm taking home to read are:

Also, the ones I am adding to the stack even though they got less votes:

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People with Holmsian powers of observation may note that people voted for Cut, not Smack.   That's because I kind of messed up when I put the cover into the slideshow.  I don't own Cut.  I do own Smack.  I know that cutting and shooting heroin are two entirely different issues, but they are both "issue" books about the same physical size with one word titles, and I got confused.

People with purely average powers of observation may now understand why I am not a bookstagrammer.  Me sticking a bunch of books on two mistmatched, beat up tables and taking a poorly framed picture on my phone is as good as it's gonna get, folks.


  1. Well, I certainly have limited powers of observation, so your pictures look fine to me! :-) Hope you enjoy these!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. Your pictures look good! But yeah, the popular Bookstagrammers mystify me. I don't understand how they get that perfect lighting. And do they have rooms dedicated to storing their props??

  3. LOL! No worries, I'm not a bookstagrammer for the same reason. Looks like a pretty huge stack, but I recognize some that I love, and some that have been recommended to me, so I'm curious to see what you think of them!


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