Monday, May 9, 2016

TTT: Ten Websites I Visit that Aren't About Books

This week's TTT topic is non-book blogs we enjoy (or other types of online media).  Check out The Broke and the Bookish for the link-up!

The first blog I ever read was The Pioneer Woman.  It was the summer of 2009, my dad was in and out of hospitals, my sisters and I were up and down the freeway trying to support my mom, and I read through the back posts to follow the entire story of the romance between PW and Marlboro Man.  I actually own her first cookbook.  Now that she's a brand, I rarely check out her blog anymore, but it was a great introduction to the world of blogging.

The next blog I found out about was Cakewrecks.  Again, I no longer spend much, if any, time over there, but it never ceases to amaze me how funny the writing is.  You would think it would be kind of a one-joke thing, but no, I always end up snorting and giggling.

Eventually I started reading blogs about adoption, which morphed into reading a few more general Mommy Blogs.  Two of the best written adoption blogs are no longer posting, but it's still worth reading through their archives.

Claudia at My Fascinating Life wrote about her twins, adopted from Ethiopia as babies, and her life as an Australian transplant in England.  I think her blog title was meant facetiously, but really, it was fascinating.

Stacy at Is There Any Mommy Out There writes stunningly beautiful prose about her life in an eastern Washington town with her family of four kids, one transracially adopted.  She's all but stopped posting in the last year, but again, well worth reading through all of what she has.

Daddy Scratches is clearly not your typical Mommy blog, what with being written by a Van Halen obsessed ex-army dude with a potty mouth.  But he's hilarious, and he adores his kids.

I mentioned the other day that I'm going to a writing workshop organized by another blogger I greatly admire. She writes about parenting and depression and boys peeing on things and a little bit of Jesus stuff, but in more of an Anne Lamott way than a Christian Blogger way.  Her blog is called Five Kids is a Lot Of Kids, and although she has proof of that, she is also quick to state that Any Number of Kids is a Lot Of Kids.  Warning: she's been writing about a kitchen remodel the last two weeks; although those posts are full of her usual flair, you might want to start with some of her "Begin Reading Here" options in the sidebar.

Shameless plug for my niece's fledgling tea blog, My Cup of Tea.   And my sister's math-centric education blog, Just MSU.  (A family acronym for Making S*** Up, which is kind of a family trait.)


  1. I always admire people who can write entertaining personal or journal-style blogs. My life is so boring. I’d have no idea what to write about.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I love Cakewrecks but I'd forgotten about it. I need to go back and check it out. The Pioneer Woman was one of my first blogs as well. I don't really visit anymore either - something about it just feels to slick though it could just be that I associate her with the brand now. I do have and love her cookbooks though. I'll have to go check out your niece's tea blog. I love a good cup of tea.


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