Monday, April 18, 2016

TTT: Repost of Funny Books

I overcommitted.

Most of you can probably relate to that in one way or another.  I am usually pretty protective of my time and mental space, but sometimes I get carried away with enthusiasm for something and think that since I LIKE it, I can commit to a BUNCH of it.


Anyway, in March I did the daily writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.  It was terrific, and a great way for me to stretch my writing beyond the book focus, and I read some really wonderful posts through the challenge.

The thing is, BEFORE I signed up for that challenge, I'd ALREADY signed up for the A-Z Blogging Challenge in April.  I figured it would be easier, since I could focus on my comfort zone of bookish topics, AND I'd get Sundays off.

Well, no.  I am not as inspired by the structure as I thought I'd be.  I am more interested in doing more reading and teacher-research this month instead of constant blogging and visiting other blogs.  I'm finding that the broad nature of the challenge, while introducing me to some fun blogs and posts I would have missed otherwise, also means that I'm visiting a lot of blogs that don't do much for me, which feels like a huge waste of time.

That being said, back on day F, I posted about funny books.  So if you want to see what I'd add to this Top Ten Tuesday topic, you can read my list here.  

Now I have to decide if I am up for doing a 24 hour readathon next weekend.  Or rather, if my family is up for leaving me alone.  I just hosted a slumber party for five girls, so I'm feeling like the family unit owes me one.  However, in marriage and family, the concept of "owing me one" is misplaced.   We'll see.

I'm linking up to Broke and Bookish's Top Ten post even though mine is lame.  Sorry.  

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