Monday, April 4, 2016

TTT: Bookish Connections

The top ten topic this week is  "Ten Bookish People You Should Follow On Twitter/ Instagram/ Youtube/ Snapchat/ Facebook."  I only use Facebook for my personal life, and I don't really use Twitter much at all.  And Instagram?  Well, I've had an account for almost two years now, and I have four entire pictures on it.

So we're going with blogs, okay?

If you're on a top-ten-Tuesday tour, you probably already know the following terrific blogs.
These five blogs are pretty much the center of my book blogging experience.  They all offer lots of thoughtful content and social connection.  They tend to focus on YA lit and new releases, but explore other areas as well.

Broke and Bookish--the founders of this tour.  Automatically cool.

Feed Your Fiction Addiction--Nicole hosts both the Discussion Challenge and the Monthly Wrap-up Round-up, which are how I found pretty much all of the blogs I regularly read.  She posts really interesting discussion topics, and she shares about her work as a proofreader/editor.  Plus, she's super nice.

It Starts at Midnight--Shannon is the other host of the Discussion Challenge, and she posts fun things like "Step Up Your Slump," great top ten lists, and reviews that include lots of gifs and general wittiness.  I also like her graphics and blog design.

Paper Fury--You read Cait's blog, right?  And to read her is to adore her, so you adore her.  Yep, it's a fact.

Pretty Deadly--Becca and Alexia have a very O'Keefe-esque flowered cow skull at the top of their blog.  I love them for that alone.  They also are in the know and/or sponsors of some really cool challenges, like a seasonal Book Bingo, a LGBTQIA challenge, and a Backlist challenge.  Even though I'm lousy at challenges in general, I like seeing what people are reading for them.

The next five blogs I found through the TTT linkups.   They have a slightly different feel and focus that the previous list.  Many of them are, um, closer to my age than the average book blogger seems to be.  

The Emerald City Book Review: Lory is involved in many interesting projects, such as Witch Week and the Read New England challenge.  She was one of the first bloggers to comment on my posts, which I still really appreciate.

My Head is Full of Books--Anne lives in Washington, so we're, like, neighbors.  She is involved in the Classics Club and runs a challenge in which we read all the ALA prize winners from the year.

Read All the Things--I really like AJ's black and white  Victorian clip art look.  I like the books she reads and reviews, many of which are classics or backlist titles.  I like her approach to reviews which is less "here's what happened" and more "here's what thinking the book provoked in me."  In sum, I like her blog.

Readerbuzz--Deb is a school librarian in Texas.  (I think.  Then again, I think everyone is a librarian when I read their blogs.)  She's another of those bloggers who focus on thoughtful analysis rather than fangirling all over the place, although her book love is obvious.  Goodreads claims that she's read about 2,000 more books than I have, which is a lot.  (I have about 1,000 more books on my TBR shelf than she does, which obviously says more about me than about her.)  I trust her reviews all the way.

There's  A Book For That--Carrie is an elementary school teacher in British Columbia.  Her classroom sounds like the most amazing classroom in the world, and if certain people win the presidency and my family flees to Canada, we're settling in her school district and my kids are both repeating second grade so they can have her as a teacher.  Also, she's a really, really good writer.  I would like to be her when I grow up.

My final set (yes, that's three sets of five in my Top Ten List--what?  Do I look like a math teacher?) are Book Blogs Plus.  I found them as book blogs, but I read them for other types of content as well.

Modern Mrs. Darcy is what I guess would be called a "Lifestyle Blog."  She's incredibly well read, and is thoughtful in a way that makes me feel like I'm really not doing much with my life.  But she's not judgmental!  She reads to educate herself, then shares what she's learned.  She puts together phenomenal book lists, hosts a podcasts in which she diagnoses the next book an individual should read, and shares truly interesting links.

Emma at Eggplant Emoji writes about books and feminism with courage and humor.  She's a young British woman, and her writing consistently gets me thinking, questioning, and analyzing myself and our culture.  Plus she's pretty funny.

Pernille Ripp is a 7th grade language arts teacher in Wisconsin.  She lives in a town called Oregon, which confuses me on a regular basis.  She is a passionate advocate for free choice in reading--beyond that, she is a passionate advocate for student-directed learning.  I am constantly inspired by her work.  I keep meaning to buy one of her books as part of my professional development.  I wish she worked in the classroom next door to mine.

The Nerdy Book Club is what got me into blogging.  A group of teachers started a "Nerdy Book Award" for the books they and their students loved each year.  It morphed into an entire blog dedicated to love of books.  Most of their posts are written by guest bloggers, and last summer, I sent them a query.  I had so much fun writing a top ten list, that I realized it was time to start my own blog so I could write about books more regularly.  I love their top ten lists, their author posts, and the numerous posts on what literacy and literacy education means to people all over the world.

Respiring Thoughts is written by another brilliant young woman. Last year she went a month reading only books by authors of color--and she reads a LOT in a month.  I learned about the plagiarism that went into Wallace Stegner's Angle of Repose from one of her posts.  Reading her blog makes me feel like I have a window into the scholarly life.


  1. Cool list.

    You have a thousand books on your TBR shelf, on Goodreads? I haven't even heard of a thousand books.

    1. I guarantee that if you read the blogs I listed, you too can develop a thousand book TBR list. Before I started blogging, I had a mental list of maybe 3-4 books at any time.

  2. Lovely list! :-) I'm aware of a few of these bloggers and they are amazing! This meme has been great for finding people!

  3. Thanks for sharing your list of great book-ish people to follow! I'm always on the lookout for new ways to find good books. I definitely take a long look at Broke and Bookish and I'm always stopping by Anne's blog.

  4. Thanks for giving my blog a shout-out. I’ll have to check out the other blogs you mentioned. I already follow a bunch of them, but some are new to me.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  5. Great picks this week. This weeks topic has to be one of my all time favourites, I have managed to find some brilliant bookish people to follow. Thank you for your great recommendations :) I LOVE Cait @ Paper Fury, she is my favourite blogger. You can see my picks here.

  6. I like your list, I know some of those bloggers but not all. I'll be checking some of those new to me ones out!

  7. Hey, thanks for mentioning me! :) Now I have to check out all your other picks -- I know some of them but not all. So many blogs, so little time...


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